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    Poll: A Dungeons and Dragons TV Show?

    I don't really want a DND show as that would just be cheesy as fuck, since dnd is purely a means to create a story, a framework if you will. However would I like a movie or tv show set in Faerun(Forgotten Realms) HELL YES!
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    I.... can't bring myself to play evil?

    If there is a game one should be playing evil then that game would be baldurs gate 2 not only are the evil companions more elegantly designed and have more depth to them, the ending is pretty much designed with an evil character in mind and I couldn't see any other way that game should truly...
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    Judge Refuses To Dismiss League of Legends Terrorist Threat Case

    what happened to that first amendment??
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    The Labels

    I only use the word tryhard if I play normal games(which are meant to be casual games) in lol. pretty funny notheless
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    Would you date your avatar?

    Who can say no to dating a superior race
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    Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition Review - Old and Improved

    whaa.. I.. But.. I don't even.. nvm Baldur's Gate 2 especially is my favorite game of all time and Its brilliance has yet to be matched by any other game. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a grand gaming experience.
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    Watch Blizzard Devs Play Two Full Rounds of Heroes of the Storm

    Yup I got the exact same feeling, like I am tired of this nostalgia circle jerk. BE ORIGINAL FOR ONCE PLX
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    What if Doctor Who had been created by Americans?

    While I think americans are probably the best in the world at making epic movies/series they are definitely the worst when it comes to comedic shows. Like "WAAUW how can you even call that comedy" bad that said I have never seen doctor who and so I don't know what catagory it fits under. I know...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Enlightenment Gear

    That english looking guy was amazing, he carried the episode by himself. Though I feel like there could have been made atleast one more joke(instead of repeating the same 3 times) but eh you get what you pay for.
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    A question for PC Gamers. Why all the hostility towards console gamers/gaming?

    I was going to make a big lengthy post but you pretty much covered all bases. I just want to reiterate one important point, PC gamers get upset when their games are dumbed down in order to facilitate the lesser capabilities of the consoles. For instance the new amnesia game had almost all its...
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    Building my 1st PC, my story step-by-step.

    Indeed I also remember that the order in which HDD were linked with a parallel cable mattered :S
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    Escape to the Movies: Riddick

    chronicles of riddick is one of my favorite movies, and the reason for that is that vin diesel is able to pull off not just another bad ass character but a character that that just look that way but in reality more is going on beneath the surface. It also feels like vin diesel is like the...
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    Would you support a cure for homosexuality and transexualism?

    would i support a cure for blue eyes given that the parent really didn't want a child with blue eyes... sure why not
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    Magical Girl Recommendations (Anime Thread)

    Playing Code Geass and Claymore in magical girl genre might be a little iffy, I mean if thats the case you might as well go watch death note since its amazing and there is "sort of" a girl with "magical" powers. Also to be real MADOKA MAGICA GO WATCH IT NOW ITS AMAZING
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    EA Offers Full Refunds For Unsatisfied Origin Customers

    That said if only EA would start making good games again then maybe i'd be convinced