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    people drive person to suicide for not drawing characters right.

    Jesus fuck. Kids + Internet Every. God. Damn. Time. Maybe I'm a monster, but why are these people even ON the internet if they are going to allow the opinions of unknown people cause them to top themselves? I understand that that could be seen as victim blaming, but no. It is about...
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    What game made you fall in love with gaming?

    this right here. I'd played many games before this - since i can even remember, but for my 5th birthday I got hero's quest. shortly followed by monkey island and the ultima games. oh and Eye of the Beholder
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    Sexy Characters

    Lulwot? So am I as a hetero-sexual man, not supposed to play tomb raider? Or is it the sex part you can't abide? Seems a bit precious to act as though the game has a big ol' "no girlz alowwd" sign in badly written 8 year old writing on it, just because you play as a dude who has some sex...
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    Old Games you remember playing but can't remember the name of.

    Game is called "Uninvited"