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    Cheese appreciation

    Any kind of cheese is good in my book but, I enjoy mozzarella and pepper jack the most.
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    First Screenshots of Platinum Games' TMNT Game Leak

    Anarchy Reigns had DLC.
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    Jack is Back: Samurai Jack Returns to Adult Swim

    Quick! Someone check the temperature in Hell, because I think it's frozen over.This is excellent news. I have loved this series since the beginning.
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    Supergirl show. So, how was it?

    I've seen both episodes so far and I think it's pretty bad. My main issue with the show is most of the characters are very cliche. The Supergirl character and her foster sister are fine but, the rest are terrible.
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    Batman Teams Up With the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Upcoming Crossover

    I agree that this idea would have been better received 15-20 years ago. Now it just seems kind of a desperate attention grab.
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    Sony Issues Eviction Notice for PlayStation Home Users

    I'm actually going to miss PS Home. The fact that it's shutting down soon isn't really a surprise. Sony basically gave up on it a while ago.
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    What anime got you into anime?

    Sailor Moon was the 1st anime I ever saw but Dragonball Z was the one that got me hooked. I remember watching 2 back to back episodes every weekend on UPN ( back when there was such a thing ).
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    MacFarlane: We'd Have To Be High To Kill Family Guy's [SPOILERS]

    Not really surprised by this. TV networks these days don't have the spine to actually mix things up on any of their shows. I've seen this bait and switch crap 4 or 5 times this TV season from both network and cable.
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    Trophies and Achievements that are seriously silly or extremely and almost impossible.

    There are plenty of "Trochievements" ( I like this term ) that I find silly. I recently got the 1000 hit combo trophy for GoW : Ascension which can only be gotten ( as far as I know ) by beating up a particular wall about halfway through. I also find the hidden/secret kind of trophies silly...
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    What's the weirdest premise of a show you've watched?

    One of the stranger shows I've seen is The War Next Door. It was basically Spy vs. Spy crossed with a sitcom.
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    Poll: What makes a good Let's Play

    For me, 2 things make a good LP. High quality video and no commentary. I do subscribe to a few YouTube channels that do have commentary but I actually like them because they have interesting personalities.
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    TV series you always have to rewatch

    I'm not going to list all of my favs (i'd have to list my entire anime collection on top of the live action stuff). Instead, I'll just say Archer. It just makes laugh every time I watch without fail.
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    Sooo...anyone else still looking forward to The Last Guardian?

    Part of me is still excited for this. The problem is, I keep forgetting it's still in development.
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    Tim Schafer Says He Has Sequel Ideas For Every Double Fine Game

    Sequels to Brutal Legend and Costume Quest are what I would want most.