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    Anita Sarkeesian states that sexism against men is impossible

    The thread is really pretty much answered right here. I can't really imagine why it's 300+ posts long.
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    Problems you have had to face because of your gender

    Hrmmm, well I've been a bit of a disappointment to a lot of the hyper masculine men in my family. I'm not into girls, I'm not into sports, and I tend prefer more "feminine" approaches. I was bullied a lot in middle-school for similar reasons. Typical "you've never been in a fight?", "Never...
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    The Big Picture: Remembering the Real Jack Thompson

    I'm pretty surprised folks think Jack hasn't been on the radar for awhile. I've seen his name quite a few times recently. Pretty much all of them have been in comparison to Anita. So much so that it was super easy to guess where this video was going.
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    Poll: Is the Washington Redskins team name racist?

    It's absolutely a harmful name. It's a racial slur, and we really shouldn't making sport team names out of marginalized cultures. I'm a bit torn on whether we should force them to change it or not. I'd like to think they'll come to their senses and realize it themselves. If they were capable...
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    Sexy Sex and You

    I'm 19 and I've had zero. Nah, I'm alright with it. When and if the opportunity arises and I myself am emotionally prepared I'll try it out. I'm the only one out of my group of friends that hasn't had sex, but they don't give me a hard time about it. Nope! Have as much consensual sex as...
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    Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Dual Pack Saves No Money

    Well, I always get two copies anyway, so this might be just what I was looking for. Except not really because it's the exact same thing and I don't care about the potions.
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    What makes us human?

    Honestly, it's hard to say. I'm gonna go with probably, but I'd really want their opinion on it. Let the person/robot speak for them-self.
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    MGS2 Sexual Objectification?

    It might be sexual objectification. However, it isn't problematic because it's a deviation from the norm. But yeah, it sounds mostly fucking stupid.
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    Here's What 10,000 League of Legends Games Look Like in 30 Seconds

    I'm sorry you've had such poor treatment by the LoL community. We've all been there. Though, I'm a decently active player and I'm very nice! If you ever wanna play with someone who's polite and friendly let me know. I'm not too great at the game even though I've been playing for about two years...
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    Police brutality, how should it be handled?

    The police should be held to a high standard and it's their job to fix the poor image that they have. When a police officer does something that makes the others look bad, it's up to the others to try alleviate the tension it created. They should be transparent about their mistakes and not...
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    Where's all the SJWs at?

    Absolutely this. People would call me a SJW. I'm more of a Social Justice Pacifist if I'm being honest.
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    Torture In Movies/Games/Comics. Am I Soft For Getting Squicked Out?

    I'm pretty much fine as long at isn't this. When a person suffers for no acceptable reason I'm gonna be very upset. Unfortunately, it often feels like torture exclusively exists in fiction for this reason. I'm especially bitter about this because...
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    Poll: Playstyles and You

    I try to play as everything so I can have an educated opinion on my preferred choices are.
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    Old social values you could get behind

    I too enjoy the young people. Honestly, I have an easier time talking with them than most people my age. Ot: This was an interesting question, and it made me realize there isn't a single thing I want from the past. Call me an optimist, but everything has been getting better. Everything...
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    Do people dismiss new/low post members?

    Yeah I agree those forum goers are usually just super. Ot: A low post count can mean it was an account created for the soul purpose of being a jerk. People often do that. However, I try to read what people say and just assess that, so if a low post count/new person has an interesting thing...