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    Stolen Pixels #75: Interview With the RAM Pyre

    PC gaming is like Cthulhu - sometimes in a death like sleep but when the time is right it awakes an crunches every console.
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    Ex-Crystal Dynamics Employees Spill the Beans

    i guess that the biggest part for the worse-than-expected sales of TRU is the dreaded christmas schedule and the bean counters that set that schedule. Instead of publishing it in february, after all the so called blockbusters have already competed against each other before christmas, and...
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    Too Human's Dyack Discusses Death of 40-Hour RPGs

    hey, mr dyack show some balls and just tell us that your game is shorter in comparison with other rpgs and stop to tell people this bullls**t. the last "epic" western rpg i can remember is oblivion. the only thing oblivion suffered from is that it really lacked polish in gameplay, story...
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    Instant Gratification: The Enhanced Edition

    wow, that is dedication. i guess you were able to get away with it :)
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    Instant Gratification: The Enhanced Edition

    i have got witcher as a Christmas present. I can see it now, lying in my shelf next to gears of war. i installed both games, played them for 30 minutes and uninstalled both. my pc is 5 years old, my gpu 2 years. both games are playable, look like crap and still have performance problems. 2...
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    Review: Tomb Raider Anniversary (Wii)

    are tha classic or game cube controller usable?
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    Zero Punctuation: The Witcher

    best part was that finally someone pointed out that pc gamers are superior to console gamers in any imaginable way.