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    MovieBob's thoughts on the ME3 ending controversy

    This whole conflict has risen to the point where this is not just a question about artistic integrity, it's a question about videogames as a medium and how users and developers approach them. I think it's a positive step forward for the industry, because not only does the feedback show an...
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    Do you own multiple copies of games?

    I have two copies of Starcraft II, one on EU servers and one on US servers. :D
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    The Big Picture: PC Gaming Is Dead - Long Live PC Gaming!

    Sir, the day my keyboard and mouse becomes useless accessories for the medium I play them with, I will rage so hard I'll probably have a heart attack and die. Also this nice fancy graphics card still has plenty of life left in it.
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    Fox News Says Bulletstorm Could Make You a Rapist

    yup. a fair and balanced news network driven by fundamental conservative American values such as smaller government, the preservation of constitutional rights (such as freedom of speech), and an open market for business growth. it all makes sense in context with this article. now if you'll...
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    Real Black Ops Guy Discusses Violence in Games

    well I gotta message for John Rambo over here. I was in the Finnish army for 6 months. that's as realistic as it gets for me. (goes back to CoD)
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    Black & White Monster Penis Almost Got Peter Molyneux Knifed

    Hm. Now I know why his parents named him Peter. BAZING!
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    Halo Reach Perfect 10! WTF?

    Brilliant. I agree.
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    Biggest threat to your life right now

    World of Warcraft Addiction. I found myself playing for 15 hours lately and thought I was on for only two. no seriously that game is dangerous. I'd hate to end up in a situation where my entire life is ruined because of WoW.
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    Zero Punctuation: DeathSpank & Limbo

    I have to agree with this guy. This thread caught my eye because it quickly became a flame war. Just let it be man, everyone shares a different point of view. I would personally love to see Yahtzee throw a *****-fit over Starcraft II, but alas, that'll never happen. As Yahtzee once said...
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    On Time Travel

    hey yahtzee, on the subject of Time Travel... Whatever the hell happened to Game Damage? weren't you going to make a new pilot for the show?
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    Joker Sets His High School On Fire

    Wait wait wait wait wait wait... since when does the joker have "friends"?
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    Things that just piss you the F*** off

    Camping in the fucking army. Everything is alright until the dreaded camping trip. It's lovely to drink Tea in the afternoons mixed with mud, or having to stay up all night guarding the outpost from attackers that will never come. oh yea, and that god damn miltank.
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    Zero Punctuation: Borderlands

    even with friends i found borderlands very bland and tedious. This game fails on so many levels. FO3 on the other hand was pretty good. there I said it.
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    Gun Enthusiasts Complain About the "Call of Duty Effect"

    Yes I've played a lot of Call of Duty in my day. Now I am in the army and I just recently fired a gun (an RK-95) for the very first time. Nothing in call of duty or any other shooter really prepared me for the feeling of a firearm going off in your hands. It really is somthing else. So...
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    Your most recent "Oh... SHIT" moment

    I'm a dual citizen of both the US and Finland, and I reside in the US.