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    Next-Gen Kinect is Coming to Windows PCs

    This would be kinda nice. Im just wondering how good it will support other languages then english...
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    Calling all PC enthusiasts (all the parts this time)

    500gb ssd is quite large. (one tip you can buy two ssds (for an example two 240gb) and use raid 0 on them ( which gives double the performance and it will show up as one 480gb disk in windows) Anyway I personally have two 120gb ssds and I always...
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    Poll: How many hours do you sleep a night (on average)?

    I sleep around 6-10hrs on weekdays and on holidays and weekend I do something between 10-14hrs
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    PC gaming THE COST

    At least in Sweden all pc games are at least 100kr cheaper (15$) then console games if you buy them in retail. For an example Bioshock Infinite costs 379kr (57$) on pc and on xbox it costs 549kr (84$). Steam is generally quite expensive since we are forced to buy in euro, thats why I tend to buy...
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    PC gaming THE COST

    I've spent quite a lot of money on my pc since I used to play at 5760x1080 reoslution and since the graphics cards were quite loud and were running at 90-95'c so I decided to wc them which costs a bit money as well. And I'm currently playing at 2560x1440 and you still need a high performing...
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    PC gaming THE COST

    Ssds does not improve performance in games. They shorten the load times. Nothing else.
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    PC gaming THE COST

    I've spend at around 3100$ on my pc and around 760$ on my monitor. I've most likely spent somewhere around 1000-1500$ on my server & htpc as well.
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    Sony Launches World's Fastest Personal Internet in Japan

    200/10 for 29euro a month. (Sweden)
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    Scandanavian naming laws.

    I think its a good idea to have. Children shouldn't have to suffer cause their parents are retarded and tries to give their kid a name which will make her/him bullied for most of his life just so they can brag that their kid got a unique name.
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    Mobile and Online Games Threaten Gamestop's Bottom Line

    Yes i know you ment MBps. I have 200/10Mbps and I live in Sweden not US. And stuff is cheaper on the Internet since I can from buy sites that uses $ instead of euro (one $ is 6.6kr and one euro is 8.8kr) (derped out and thought about steam and not in store prices so see below) And in the...
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    Mobile and Online Games Threaten Gamestop's Bottom Line

    I wouldnt really say 1MBps is fast. When I download from steam I avg about 18-20MBps
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    Doctor <--> patient confidentiality

    At least in Sweden once you turn 18 your parents has no rights at all to demand information about their son/daughter unless the student gives permission to the school.
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    Nvidia Claims PS4 Is Only as Good as a "Low-End" PC

    How is that relevant? Developing software for a console and developing hardware for a console is quite a huge difference.
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    Nvidia Claims PS4 Is Only as Good as a "Low-End" PC

    Again, it's not 8gb vram. It's 8gb RAM that will be split. Do you honestly expect them to play at 4k resolution? There is not a chance in hell that the gpu will be able to handle 4k resolution. About your edit. I never said anything about using xbox 360 gpu to play game on computer so...
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    Nvidia Claims PS4 Is Only as Good as a "Low-End" PC

    And no I do not think it was amazing when they released xbox 360. Except in 5-8 years we will be using dx12/13/14 so yeah it will affect pc gaming, the same way that most games still uses dx9 since thats what the xbox 360 can handle. And a weak cpu will affect so many things so yay for bad...