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    Bizarre Creations Says a Video Goodbye

    the club is a fun game. very addicting and a great multiplayer game.
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    Poll: Pancakes Vs Waffles?

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    Poll: Did your parents care what games you played?

    not so much on content, but they did monitor the amount of time I played the games. They would require me to turn the game off and go outside and play, never to play games while company was over for the holidays..
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    What would you write on a Safe Room wall?

    "please tell me you closed the door before reading this" EDIT: 5 out of 5 people die before they finish reading this sentence or " I tried to warn them about Bieber, but nobody listened"
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    First thing you'd say after rising from a coma.

    get me a computer. i need to check my facebook
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    Poll: Do you smoke?

    i smoke cigs, used to smoke pot for years everyday, but stopped last year because i am going into the military. It does however annoy me when non smokers give me hell for smoking. Especially when that person is a grossly overweight person. So leave me alone, also I am respectful to non...
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    First Details Emerge for Demon's Souls Follow-Up

    good news but didnt this video come out like ages ago? also i hope the fact that it's comming out on both xbox and ps3 doesnt mess up the ps3 version like usual..
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    And the Nominees Are...

    Must say the Kings Speech was an excellent movie, i hope it wins many Oscars, with that said I have not seen Black Swan, The Fighter, Toy Story 3, True Grit, Winter's Bone. I have seen Inception and it was a decent movie but I do not think it is Oscar worthy. I do not plan on seeing True Grit...
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    [UPDATE] Microsoft Devastates Autistic Child By Labeling Him a Cheater

    thank you for doing follow up. now this kid and his stupid mom can go away. Pretty typical for a parent to go and say " my son never did anything wrong, defense" this is the same problem teachers have with students and their parents in school.
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    [UPDATE] Microsoft Devastates Autistic Child By Labeling Him a Cheater

    so wait why does it matter if he is autistic or not. Having learned about kids with autism in school many of them are able to play video-games like the rest of us. The news media would not care about this story if it was just some random ass kid like you and I.
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    The anti christ of gaming emerges to the world!!!

    your mom. the uninformed parent who has nothing better to do than to make other people's life safer.
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    F.E.A.R. 3 Collector's Edition Includes Naked Alma Figurine

    Good thing Ezio has dual blades...
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    How do my fellow escapists feel about guns? (The real kind)

    Guns don't kill people only crazy people with guns kill people. Only law abiding citizens follow gun laws. If the criminals are going to have guns, I want a gun to. Here in Florida we have very soft gun laws. You can get some paperwork, pay a fee and walk around Florida with a concealed...
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    Miley Cyrus busted with a bong

    it was a prerequisite
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    Disgruntled PS3 Owner Starts Black Ops Refund Petition

    hAHAHA this is why i got Medal of Honor over another COD. Its nice to play a game where when i shoot somebody once or twice they go down. Also its nice having a sniper rifle that is 90% of the time one shot one kill.