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    "The Talk"

    I got something akin to the talk from my da when i turned 18. I already knew everything but the talk still occured. Consisted of "I'll buy you your first pack of three and if you get her pregnant, you're marrying her"
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    Escape to the Movies: Transformers Revenge

    Oddly, the only points i agree with were that the twins were a waste of space and shouldn't have been there and that the military elements didn't make sense. The designs of the decepticons didn't make much sense and they weren't deceiving anyone, given that about half of them had no alternate...
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    Has there ever been a game directly based off of a book?

    "The Bard's Tale" was based on a specific tome of Orkney writings, a sort of collection in the mould of 'La Morte d'Artur.' Incidentally, I believe there were a fair few such properties on the NES, though i'm damned if i can identify them [I was about 7 when i last saw any of the boxes]...
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    N. Korea Threatens USA

    Though i suspect that it is a little beyond what the Koreans are likely to come up with, the greatest amount of damage they could do with their nuclear capability would actually be a complex sequence of carrier switches and bringing their nuclear material into the United States like some...
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    Proposed Bill Gives Obama Power to Shut Down Internet

    Actually, Diehard 4 made it pretty clear that most of the utilities were untouchable without directly attacking the system. I agree, many people should be forced to learn some facts before being allowed to make decisions. I once met a politician who looked at the maximum output of wind...
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    The Escapist Presents: MovieBob Reviews Terminator: Salvation

    Moviebob, I'm going to make a singular request: Return to the on screen format you used with the Oscars thing. Your facial expressions and gesticulations gave your words weight. At present, I'm remaining convinced that i'm justified in looking forward to this movie but i'm wondering about the...