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    Zynga Founder Mark Pincus Is Bored With Games

    I fully expect that soon he will be making movies that you have to pay micro-transactions on if you wish to watch more than five minutes a day.
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    Would you support a cure for homosexuality and transexualism?

    I dont think sexism is the right word here. Homophobic maybe. Transphobic. Also he wasnt suggesting murder, as I read it, but rather a way to cause babies to be born more normative. Can we can homosexuality a disease? I think so, but only because gay people are at a disadvantage in a...
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    Would you support a cure for homosexuality and transexualism?

    My first instinct: HELL NO Then I consider...I have an issue with the deaf community, because couples have chosen to take actions in it before to try and insure giving birth to deaf children. I consider that sick and on par with trying to birth a child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or an Autism...
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    Xbone Week #1

    Tubgirl not so bad. Gross, but not like snuff footage or anything. Also: MOST journalists are not trolls, thats why none of them tried that.
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    So I'm about to get into Anime...

    ^ No. IF your new to anime and someone suggests this, know that they are trolling you. Maybe, MAYBE, if your a teenage girl who likes slightly younger boys you can watch this and not be creepy. Otherwise, the appeal is to hebephiles and pedophiles who like boys. Caveat: Have not watched...
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    Jimquisition: When The Starscreams Kill Used Games

    I dont often agree with Jim, but here I do. And frankly, I want the Xbone to fail harder than the Vita could ever dream. I want Microsoft to lose hundreds of millions. I want the Devs to walk out on them. And then I want all the gamers, and the retailers, and the developers to turn around and...
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    Microsoft Exec: "If You're Backwards Compatible, You're Really Backwards"

    It kinda makes me sad to think that after the Halo franchise made them so much money the new Xbox wont be able to play any of them. Or that Minecraft, which xbox finally got, wont be around on it. Along with a few hundred dollars worth of other arcade games I probably own.
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    So I'm about to get into Anime...

    This. This this this this. I signed on for the first time in months just to recommend this but someone already did so I will support this. This is great sci-fi and crime drama, and has a good smattering of action as well. Someone mentioned Gantz. That is...not nearly so good a show, and...
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    Zero Punctuation: DayZ

    I seriously doubt that, if zombies did overun the world, a full 98% of the people you meet would try to kill you. Humans are social animals and the roughly 1/20 of society that walks about with no soul behind their eyes, no morals, no respect for the law, is also a group prone to doing stupid...
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    Dark Knight Rises Shooting Leaves 12 Dead

    A tragedy. And all those conservative nutcases are running around now claiming that we could only have averted this if only eveyone in the theater had been armed so it could have turned into a massive firefight. Yeah, that woulda saved people. NRA FOR THE WIN! Im being sarcastic but said...
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    Your deepest darkest secret experience that you never dare tell anyone about.

    To the person who stole porno playing cards: In Hawaii i bought a pack of those off a street merchant when i was like 14. " Your deepest darkest secret experience that you never dare tell anyone about. " Yes...but my darkest secret experiance isnt embarassing. It was witnessing a horrible...
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    Destructiods backhand at ME3 "Fans" and my thoughts (please, add yours)

    Getting revenue from games doesnt discount his well thought out and logical argument. It coulda been Hitler saying that and it wouldnt make his words less true.
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    BioShock Creator "Sad" Over ME3's Ending Scandal

    A: I, personally, WANT games to be art. B: Pandering to the lowest common demoninator in a given situations (here a whiny buncha people with internet connections) is undignified C: Someone said its 50,000 people who dislike the ending. My response: So what? Thats like 5% of the playerbase...
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    Destructiods backhand at ME3 "Fans" and my thoughts (please, add yours)

    After being spammed by angry Mass Effect 3 complainers to do a piece on their charity work, destructiod did as asked, lambasting them for their paper-thin agenda and the aformentioned spam in a highly sarcastic article...
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    Mass Effect 3 Director Addresses Ending Controversy

    I have yet to see any evidence that the fans could write a better ending.