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    Poll: Do you believe in the pedobear Catholic priest stereotype?

    I went to a catholic school and are priest got arrested for raping some kids so my stand point is bit biased
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    what happened to doctors?

    20% sounds fair if includes all taxes and you get good public services for your money like free health care. I pay around 23% thinks that's reasonable but I live in the uk
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    Xbox LIVE Is Hitching A Ride With Windows 8 to Your PC

    No because to many people would complain about mouse accuracy rape.
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    what happened to doctors?

    It was joke responce to joke post hope you are aware. But that's very informative, personally I like the french health system since broke my arm on holiday and got good treatment.
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    what happened to doctors?

    Well and fascist because Germans have a national health system.
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    what happened to doctors?

    Wow morocco has much better health care than united states I feel more reassured about my holiday there.
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    Could a sniper kill Magneto?

    Make a bullet out of diamond im mean the shell all be metal and everything fire out of a .700 sure that will penetrate.
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    Escapist Podcast: PAX Panel: What Women Really Want From Female Characters

    Hi im bit curious why think he looks like dutch model ? he looks much more provincial to me ?
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    Poll: Should UK police be given guns as standard issue?

    All they need do is but few white phosphorus grenade rounds into the each mob problem sorted and no need of guns just using the same equipment with just ammo upgrade.
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    The Big Picture: Hollywood History 101 Supplemental: The Code

    Yer it was interesting to learn on censorship in other countries
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    The Big Picture: Hollywood History 101 Supplemental: The Code

    Hhhhhm Well cant say that home country of england any better with censorship.
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    You now have a Army of the last thing you killed in a videogame.

    I once came across a mud crab frightful creatures
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    Anyone else hate British cuteness?

    As a french Irishmen living in the uk are you on crack seriously they have chavs also uk has many elements ever looked at the picts or the celts the normans. I think what you describing is some some Americanized pre conceived non sense you got in your head.
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    USA health system... umm... what the hell?!

    Yup this is such an amazing article even funny because Stephen Hawking is English who became an American citizen and had years of NHS treatment to keep him alive from about the age 21 or something (watch documentary on life awhile back had medical issue while at uni).