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    Ubisoft Accused of Demanding Good Assassin's Creed 2 Review

    This is the second time Ubisoft has been accused of "paying" for a good review. But you know, I guess that is how people do business (magazines are going broke so they will accept anything). Besides they were kinda pissed that Assassins Creed was rated as only decent overall.
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    EA Cancels "Over a Dozen" Unannounced Projects

    EA is a shitty place to work anyways. Its a game developers dream to work at Valve or Blizzard but common EA? You are going to miserable 80% of the time anyways. Those guys who got laid off will probably make an independent studio and continue making games (it worked for some people so I figure...
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    Guitar Hero: Rock Opera

    Its never going to happen. We all know that Harmonix and Activison are going sit on Rock Band and Guitar Hero for years until they pumped out a version for every musician on the Earth. Its a f*8king cash cow that will go on forever.
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    Steam Users Can't Play Modern Warfare 2 Until Thursday

    Maybe. But they should see it as a suitable platform (actually the biggest platform that sells more games than all the current generation consoles combined). Not like it matters for them, because they all know that people are going to buy their game regardless of the price tag or even the lack...
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    A View From the Road: The Torchbearers

    I completely agree. What sold me with Torchlight was price (19.99) and the great customer support (anything you ask, they will answer). It can play on virtually any computer within the last 10 years and looks great (yes i have a netbook and a home computer and both play torchlight perfectly.)The...
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    Classic Half-Life Mod Gets Next-Gen Remake

    Natural Selection 1 is one of the best half life mods of all time. It is practically Starcraft turned into an FPS (except no protoss). I will definitely be pre-ordering this =)