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    I... really like FF13... am I weird?

    Nope. XIII is my favourite Final Fantasy (replacing IX, my previous favourite) and one of my absolute favourite games of all time. I'm definitely in the minority there though.
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    Draw Harley Quinn Naked, Killing Herself, To Win DC Artist Contest

    You stress things that are important. For example, if I was asking someone to draw a playground, a set of swings is expected. But if I mention swings as a requirement, the swings are suddenly front and center. They ask she be nude because they want to see her nude. But in this case, swings...
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    Draw Harley Quinn Naked, Killing Herself, To Win DC Artist Contest

    I imagine they are stressing that she be nude because the final panel is intended to be a realistic (if one containing Harley Quinn) portrayal of suicide in contrast to the more cartoony and absurd panels that come before. It also stresses that Harley's facial expressions show that the final...
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    Draw Harley Quinn Naked, Killing Herself, To Win DC Artist Contest

    So, it's Harley being... well, Harley? Is there more to this than the fact that she's naked? Is that really offensive? That a character would be nude whilst taking a bath? People who commit suicide in baths in real life also do it nude because they want to commit suicide whilst taking a bath...
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    So I just finished Saints Row IV

    I loved the game. The only negative thing I really have to say about it is that the alien response escalates stupidly quick towards the end of the game. Cops all but disappear from the game - a single one shows up after killing a pedestrian and killing him immediately escalates the situation...
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    BioShock Infinite's Burial at Sea Returns to Rapture

    We're going back to Rapture? Again? Fantastic. Don't get me wrong, I loved the first two games and Rapture was certainly a fascinating and enjoyable location for those two games but I'm over Rapture now. The sight of it doesn't make we wet my pants out of excitement, Andrew Ryan has never...
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    What's the most you've cried at a fictional character's death?

    One that I had forgotten about because I originally read the novel in which the death occurs out of order but recently happened upon again during a proper reading of the series:
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    Nolan North: Nathan Drake "Is Me"

    Let's not play this game again. Frank [] always wins. Always.
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    Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep Review

    I loved this DLC so much. The best quest I've encountered so far consisted of nothing but four lines of dialogue but I was reduced to constant giggles for 15 minutes afterward. Spoilers!:
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    Destiny Trailer Lays Down the Law of the Jungle

    A tiny number of ex-Bungie employees joined 343 Industries, not "alot." Frankie is the only one of any significance who did so and nobody cares about nor misses him anyway. Way more important and influential members of Bungie have left the company over the years and it has never stopped them...
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    Deep Silver Apologizes for Mutilated Dead Island Torso

    Sometimes I wonder if I don't offended enough. I saw this and thought, "oh yeah, a torso because, y'know, zombies." And then I moved on.
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    Dragon Age Promo Items Go Free

    I had most of the items anyway but it's nice to finally have the few things I was missing. Love BioWare for this.
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    Mass Effect 3: Retaliation Arrives Next Week

    Well you did only destroy a single base in ME2 - the location of which you only determined from navigational data from a single cruiser. It may have been their main base but that doesn't mean the Collectors are completely wiped out. Their base was hidden in the freakin' galactic core after all...
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    Metal Gear Twitter App Allows Stealthy Tweeting

    Everything could use more espionage. Even espionage. Think about it: double espionage. I honestly don't even care what the app does, I just want a Metal Gear Twitter app for the sake of having a Metal Gear Twitter app.