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    Poll: Is PC gaming worth the discomfort?

    I don't find it uncomfortable at all.
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    Thats not funny....thats horrible.

    It's not that it's in bad taste, although that can certainly be said about it. It just tries so hard to be funny that it fails. There's a point where you can push comedy into the extreme and it becomes ridiculous and kind of pathetic. That's where Family Guy lands.
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    Can jocks be nerds?

    Of course! Ogre becomes a nerd in Revenge of the Nerds 2! 'nuff said!
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    Thats not funny....thats horrible.

    Yep...Insert all of Family Guy here.
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    Poll: Limited and Collectors Editions of Games

    I always question the title, "Collector's Edition." Really? I mean, are there collectors out there who are spending huge bucks on a game version that was released in the millions? Or, how about "Limited Edition?" How limited are they? Are there only about 1000 made for millions of gamers to...
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    Sexuality / Being uptight

    1.1) Yeah, I've shared my bed with a guy before. 1.2) Nothing bothered me about it. 2) I can talk openly about sex and sexuality. 3) Patiently
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    The careers that are "evil"

    You know, it's so funny how people assume that Real Estate agents are liars and cheats. My mom was a real estate agent and dealt with close to a hundred other realtors. I can think of one that was a liar. It's kinda like the idea that people have that all car salesmen or all lawyers are out...
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    Whats the appeal of Sonic the hedgehog?

    It was the music, the speed of play, and the graphics that really caught people up in the Sonic mania.
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    What was the last movie you watched that you absolutley loved

    There are two. My wife and I finally got the chance to watch Date Night the other night and laughed hysterically all the way through it. The other was Benny and Joon. Although it came out in the 90s, I never saw it. We watched it last night. It's a fantastic movie.
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    What did Indiana Jones drink?

    It's tea, man. Tea! He couldn't handle his sugar!
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    Poke? The hell's a "poke", exactly? (On Facebook, I mean.)

    You are correct, the hell is exactly a poke!
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    Star Wars getting 3D re-release in 2012

    Come on, George, stop beating a dead horse. Actually try to come up with something new and interesting...oh wait, you haven't done that since the early 80s.
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    Kids Can't Handle Old-School RPGs Anymore

    I'm with ya! I read them as well. Comes from being older than the generations that depend on hand holding in-game to teach you how to play.
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    I don't like the band, but I love this song

    Yep. Twist and Shout by the Beatles. It's the only song of theirs that I find tolerable. The only other singer I can't really stand is Sting and I've yet to hear something that is good from him.
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    Having worked in restaurants and knowing the miserable pay that servers receive, I definitely tip. In the US, servers make around $3 an hour and they have to claim at least 10% of their total sales in taxes against their paycheck. Kitchen Staff makes between $8-12 an hour. Although the...