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    SNES Classic. Once again, no one can get it

    No. No, nope, nein. NONE of you, are actually surprised that the SNES Classic is difficult to obtain. As has been noted multiple times in the posts above, at this point is a staple of Big N's practices to drip feed a teeny tiny minuscule amount of product to people. And since we all know...
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    EA has Merged Mass Effect Studio Bioware Montreal with EA Motive

    ?Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.?
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    Nintendo: Retailers Will Start Taking Super NES Classic Pre-orders Late This Month

    :( They won't stop the crap forced scarcity stuff, so long as we, the customers, continue to reward them for it with mass pre-ordering.
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    Nintendo is Scaling Up Switch Production to Meet Demand

    Fair enough. And you take that back. That video is relevant to everything.
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    Nintendo is Scaling Up Switch Production to Meet Demand

    This is the part where I refute your post by linking something else [], despite the fact that Switch console having hard to get parts has little to do with Big N's continual failure to meet demand, across multiple platforms, peripherals, and accessories.
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    Michel Ancel Says Beyond Good & Evil 2 is at "Day Zero of Development"

    Can't we just stop? Can we stop talking about this? They aren't going to make this game. Not ever. NOT EVER. <--- Surely the all caps makes it clear? Even supposing they somehow, against the literally 100% probability of them NOT MAKING THIS GAME EVER, actually made this game...
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    Nintendo is Scaling Up Switch Production to Meet Demand

    Too. Fucking. Late. I love Nintendo. I always have. You never really stop loving your first... But nothing, -nothing- Nintendo has done in the last three years gives me any confidence at all that they have learned a damn thing from their shortcomings last, and current, generation. And this...
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    Zero Punctuation: Persona 5

    Yahtzee only needs the first thirty seconds of Bohemian Rhapsody, forty times, to hate it? By God that song has to be the literal trope namer for "Overplayed Douche Anthem". It only beats out "Party" by Beastie Boys due to its age being greater. (Both of these songs would be just fine...
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    The Latest Injustice 2 Trailer Details the Game's Gear System

    Truth threshold exceeded, Captain!! Yeah. As much as I am annoyed with people who log into Escapist forums just to crow about how they arent going to buy a game they cared enough about to click on an article for,when I watch this trailer, all I could hear was the Mankind Divided pre-order...
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    Star Wars Battlefront II Will be Revealed on April 15

    Quick! Everyone run to your keyboards, nay, FLEE! Hurry, and tell strangers on the internet that you don't like E.A., and let those strangers KNOW, you won't be buying this new title! #feelingoodaboutyourself
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    Mass Effect Andromeda System Requirements Revealed

    Is an Origin Account a requirement? Because, uhh... EA hasn't paid me my fee to download that... program... onto my PC. And them paying me is a PC minimum requirement.
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    EVE Online Players to Help Search For Real-World Exoplanets

    How? How will EvE players "help" anything at all, ever, in any way? By ganking? By disrupting? By acting like an ass at any, every opportunity? By complaining that NASA is not making it easy enough to gank exoplanets in thirty-on-one battles?
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    The Nostalrius Team Wants Elysium to Stop Using its Vanilla WoW Code and Character Data

    Give it up, fellas. Blizzards IP, Blizzards rules. Crying that you'll keep breaking the rules until Blizzard changes the rules to what you want is the literal definition of childish. It isn't surprising that the community has a split. And to be perfectly honest, you can expect nothing else...
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    Zero Punctuation: Top Five Games of 2016

    Did anyone else notice Yahtzee actually come very close to breaking character and laughing at the "chihuahua/spiral staircase" joke?