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    The Escapist BRAWL Part 1!!!! Select your Characters!!!!

    "What can change the nature of a man?" The Nameless One, Planescape Torment. inXile has the rights.
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    Do you dance?

    I don't really know, I mean I could dance if I want to. I could leave my friends behind, cause my friends don't dance and if they don't dance well they ain't no friends of mine.
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    Can I suck at games and still be a "Serious Gamer"?

    I don't remember being good being a requisite for being a gamer. A real gamer plays for the experience and the fun, people might call you n00b but they are assholes anyway.
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    Poll: What's your perferred alignment?

    Chaotic good for the win, whats the fun in doing the right thing if you don't rub the authorities face in it.
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    Poll: Security Guards V.S. 12-year old punk

    I'm chaotic good, so I don't really respect authority either. I was actually hoping to see the 12 year old humiliate the guards. But I should have guess that wasn't how it was gonna happen when you said punk...
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    B&E with 1 item

    Tactical Nuke, I take it to the house.
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    Poll: Should games like "Super Columbine Massacre RPG!" be allowed?

    Anyone has the right to say what ever they want no matter how stupid and hurtful, the only time when that is called into question is threats, intimidation, or verbal violence. One could argue that these games are a form of emotional violence, however I would disagree as one has to look to find...
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    Scientists On Trial For.... Earthquakes?

    Maybe they think that they are mad scientists and made an earthquake device.
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    Real Life Rapture Doesnt Need 'Loser Building Codes!'

    I hope they have also done away with the "Loser laws of Physics"
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    Trailers: Deus Ex: Human Revolution - "My World" Teaser

    Is it wrong that the first thing I thought when watching the trailer was "Yes! Someone actually understands Darwin?"
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    If you could have any non-combat superpower, which would it be?

    Time manipulation, no doubt, did poorly on a test, quantum leap, got a ticket, etc.
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    Ignorance on Facebook (censored for the well-being of this thread)

    I don't even know how to respond, "it's like yeah you may be good a soccer, but we commit war crimes" I don't even see the train of logic. WTF?
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    Sweden: Piracy Is Not A Religion

    Sorry, that's Singapore actually, silly me.
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    Xcom Publisher: Strategy Games Are Not Contemporary

    Dude not cool, I get that X-com is a bit dated and yeah, I would need a lot of re-vamping, but you are taking what could have been a contemporary turn-based strategy game and turned it into a shooter. The essense isn't the same at all, if it was done in a mission format like x-com maybe this...
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    Sweden: Piracy Is Not A Religion

    Yeah but the US government has allowed some native American tribes to continue using illegal hallucinogenics like peyote. I get that this is Sweden where it is illegal to chew gum in public but seriously.