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    Ebola Cannot Be Halted or Slowed Any Time Soon, Says New Study

    So, I just want to say one thing: CALM THE FUCK DOWN, YOU'RE NOT GONNA GET EBOLA Everyone assumes that this means ebola is going to run rampant across the world. This is flat-out wrong. It's beyond control specifically in Africa. It's, sadly, going to claim many more lives down there...
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    Universal arcade stick?

    I'm using a Qanba Q4 that's compatible with PC, X360 and PS3. It's not compatible with the Wii U, but I think one that covers three platforms is the best you'll get, sadly. I don't think there's a PS4/XBone-stick yet. Not that anything on those system is worth buying an arcade stick for...
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    PlaneScape: Torment - Sweet, Beautiful Torment

    To be fair, they didn't write games like this at any other point in history either. :V
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    Movie Defense Force: Fireproof - The Official White People Problems Movie

    Oh god this movie. It hurts. Ugh. So... what happens when you earn enough Jesus points? Can they be traded for cookies?
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    Poll: Emma Watson's Speech on Gender Equality

    No, not for me personally, but whenever someone mentions "tradition" and "gender" in the same sentence I tend to get temporary ebola-AIDS and die a little, because I consider "traditional gender (insert whatever here)" bullshit. I also have friends who have issues with "traditional masculine...
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    Well Liked/Reviewed Games...That You *Didn't* Enjoy.

    This is assuming the games are from genres I usually enjoy. For that reason, this list has no racing games and no sandbox games. Bioshock Infinite I still haven't bothered playing this through. The story, characters and setting were intriguing, but the gameplay was completely uninteresting...
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    I'm a straight male gamer, convince me diversity in games is a good thing

    Because not all stories can be told from the perspective of a straight white dude. Or, at the very least, they don't make sense from the perspective of a straight white dude.
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    Magic's Khans of Tarkir Brings Anticipated Reprint

    The neat thing about fetches is that they will definitely be useful in Standard, but they lose out on one of their strongest points when they don't have shocklands in the same format, so they won't be nearly as insane as they are in older formats like Modern and Legacy. They're gonna have...
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    Cheating in relationships

    I've thankfully never been cheated on (or cheated myself), but I've spent the last week talking about the subject with two friends of mine, as the boyfriend of one of these friends had been cheating on her with the girlfriend of the other friend. Don't you just love it when that happens? =.=;
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    Your Defense Force

    Molecular Biologist Defense Force. We walk around in labcoats and beat up homeopaths and anti-vaxxers. Over the internet. What? Scientific literature is literature too, and those fucknuggets are ignoring all of it.
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    Favorite strategy game and why.

    Laning is but one of the phases of a game, and even that phase is rarely based strictly around one-on-one. Once the laning structures start breaking up and the game becomes more about objectives and map control than controlling your lanes, the game flow tends to get very similar to that of the RTS.
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    Favorite strategy game and why.

    I'd say MOBAs (or action-RTSes or whatever you like to call them) still have more in common with the genre it was derived from than it has with fighting games. Setting the obvious points aside (control scheme, resource-based gameplay, game speed), MOBAs also have another really big difference...
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    Favorite strategy game and why.

    It's been many, many years since I last tried HoMaM 4, and while I clearly remember not liking it (at all), I can't remember why I didn't like it. I have the same problem with 6: the core gameplay is similar, but it just doesn't grab me in the same way 3 does. And I can't quite put the finger on...
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    Favorite strategy game and why.

    Heroes of Might and Magic 3. You should have heard about this game if you've ever played a strategy game. If not, then go pick it up from GoG right the fuck now, and play it. It's easily one of the best turn-based strategy games of all time. Almost infinite content, a very good combat system...
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    Has Pokemon jumped the shark?

    Wait, what? Couldn't you just get the TM from another game and get five sweepers that way? I get that it's impractical and time-consuming to do it that way, but considering how many hours you have to invest just to get a good team in the first place, I didn't think anyone would care about that...