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    Poll: Poll: How evil are Tieflings?

    In the longest-running campaign I was ever part of (we managed to keep our group together for a few years), most people were the usual human/elf/halfling/etc., but we had zero tieflings, one aasimar, and I was an earth genasi, of all things. We liked to keep things interesting.
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    Harmonix: "Maybe People Are Ready" for More Rock Band

    Yes, please, Rock Band: Steam Edition. I kinda gave up on buying more new rhythm games like that when Rock Band came out because I didn't want to invest more in instruments and DLC songs that would be tied to a specific console. That's what I've always hoped for but don't ever really expect to...
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    The Big Picture: Dumbsday, Part 1 - The Death of Superman

    My favorite recommendation for showing Superman as an interesting character is Superman: Secret Identity, which is finally back in print. It's a standalone story that doesn't take place in the main DC universe, but it deals with him first and foremost as a person and a man rather than as a...
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    Thornwatch Preview - Talking Cards & RPGs With Penny Arcade's Gabe

    I assume they mean "uses pets", not "are pets", especially based on The Tithe [] and how it suggests they have control over/some kind of link with nature and magical beasts/creatures. I'm totally blanking on if they've said anything...
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    Curt Schilling Seeks Dismissal of 38 Studios Lawsuit

    That's one way to put it. For example, I've always been amused by the whole Buddy Cianci thing, with how much they still seemed to like him in Providence to keep him around as mayor even after all the trouble he got himself into. I don't always entirely understand the place, but it's alright...
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    Do you preorder anymore

    I'm almost the opposite. I don't really pre-order stuff much, or even buy stuff at launch for full price, but I am much more likely to support a small studio or random indie dev team who's trying something unusual and interesting because they're trying something different than I am to just...
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    Mass Effect 1 may have the best combat in the series.

    I started as a Vanguard in ME, and it was tons of fun abusing the hell out of how broken biotic abilities like lift were (basically walk into room, push lift button, win game). I was kind of pissed off when I kept the same class in ME2 and biotics were completely gimped and the game was turned...
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    Killzone Devs Pushed for Curved Triggers on DualShock 4

    They did indeed have a patent on it, but it expired in 2005. I have no explanation for the Dreamcast controller, which had a Nintendo-style d-pad, unless the internals were different in some way I don't know about (I've never taken one apart to see how it works).
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    Just Cause Developer Drops More Title Pics

    It was great how it didn't take itself seriously in any way. Everything was completely over the top and poked fun at itself and action games and movies in general. It kept getting sillier and more ridiculous as it went on, but it worked because of the tone they took with it. It was pretty...
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    Killzone Devs Pushed for Curved Triggers on DualShock 4

    In terms of controlling well, definitely, but something about sliding across the gap in the center is just kind of rough on my thumb compared to other designs. Nothing's really been quite the same since the SNES though, when the focus got taken off it and put into the analog sticks instead.
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    Killzone Devs Pushed for Curved Triggers on DualShock 4

    The d-pad on the 360 controller is unusably bad. Can't argue there. I still don't think the ones Sony uses have ever been good though, just less bad. The split in the center (rather than having it be a single, continuous piece, i.e. a solid plus/cross shape like Nintendo's have always been)...
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    Bundle of Holding Brings Pay-What-You-Want to eBooks

    I picked up that one too, which had a much better selection than this does, and I also haven't made it through all the ones I wanted to yet. It really doesn't help that I kind of got sidetracked by reading the rest of the books in the Old Man's War series after reading the first one, which was...
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    MacBooks: How I became jelly

    I have to agree there. Not only does it completely blow away any other free backup solution built into any other OS I've used, it's far better than most paid ones too. It made dealing with that aspect of things on my MacBook completely trivial, and it makes the built-in backup manager in Win7...
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    Mew-Genics Sounds Horrifying and Amazing

    The list of people involved with the music is as awesome and ridiculous as what they've released about the game itself. They've been involved in a bunch of fun/weird stuff, so I was pretty excited to hear when they started letting out some info about that side of things.
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    This is what I immediately wanted to comment on after reading the initial post, but I was surprised and glad to see I was beat to it. That post pointed out the differences and then went right ahead and contradicted itself by suggesting that there aren't actually any. In everyday life, it's...