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    The Big Picture: SUPERMESS

    Maybe because they aren't racists, they just really would like for the hero they grew up with to not be reimagined for the n-th time as a completely different character(adding a racial context IS a completely different character)?
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    The Big Picture: Plothole Surfers

    Well, you see, movies that "push an agenda" will inherently have some "plotholes" and other gaps in logic, that would be doubleplusungood if those were to be pointed out by someone.
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    The Big Picture: Polarity Contest

    I like Bob's content, so long as he's not telling me I should be genocided for not worshiping his progressive idols, I'll be happy to listen to this.
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    TotalBiscuit retires - health failing

    Trump supporters come from all walks of life, while the opposition is largely concentrated in supersmug metropolies(just look at the election map by county) that get made fun of for how smug they are. People having degrees in social studies aren't really all that smart. Much as I don't wish...
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    "Why don't more games have this?!"

    Let's be honest, it'd be fine if it was something as small as jumping upgrades(double jumps, super jumps, wall jumps, etc.). The point of it all is to give the player vertical mobility, because it's a massive improvement to the quality of life(finally you can bypass chest-high walls!) and...
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    Man killed by police after angry CoD gamer SWATs player for lost $1.50 wager match

    Don't SWAT anyone now that you lost...
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    How to Fix Some Mass Effect: Andromeda PC Issues, Including the Black Screen

    The only correct fix to ME:Andromeda's problems is to uninstall and refund it.
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    Bioware GM Says Mass Effect: Andromeda is "Totally Softcore Space Porn"

    The question is, what demographic? There's a very small crossover between the people who'd want porn and don't mind the unappealing character designs.
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    Bethesda has Three New Games in the Works, Two of Which are Apparently Huge

    If those are anything like Fallout 4, then it's not really worth waiting. Creation Engine is Gamebryo with shinier graphics filters. They changed the name just so that having the Fallout mod tools being called GECK made sense. It is still gamebryo and it's still outdated garbage.
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    Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Funded in One Day, First Stretch Goal Added

    Pilocks of Mediocrity was a letdown from which my faith in Obsidian has not yet recovered and I hear Tyranny wasn't all that hot either. Godspeed to them on this new endeavor, but it will be undertaken without my monetary support.
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    Bethesda: No More Remasters in the Elder Scrolls Series

    The whole point of this exercise is locked in this word: "adventure". You didn't go do a chore, you went to have an adventure, that's gone in a world of quest markers and pinpoint accurate GPS maps.
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    Blizzard Apologizes for Mei's Lackluster Winter Wonderland Skin

    But that's not what happened. RIOT introduced a new tier of quality for skins and there's a clear distinction for what goes where(