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    Popular Grand Theft Auto Mod Tool OpenIV Shuts Down After Take-Two Sends Cease and Desist

    Why? What right does the modding community and creators of the mod have to "strike back" because their completely unwarranted project got shutdown like so many others? Where's the free pass they get for leeching...yes leeching off the content of developers and releasing their work whether for...
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    I keep giving my timestamped pictures to guys who want to join female-only communities.

    Nah I believe you. Really doesn't matter either way. If you want an answer to your first question, ya you're an asshole but in a really shallow, who cares internet-y kind of way. Like if you could act out clickbait kinda deal.
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    I keep giving my timestamped pictures to guys who want to join female-only communities.

    Kinda just sounds like shit someone who is really bored and doesn't really have much going on does tbh. I don't really get the point of this thread. If you find this kinda the highlight of the day or whatever, asking people how much of a dick you are, it just reminds me of those porn Reddit...
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    Kotaku UK on Star Citizen

    They're not selling advantage, owning a ship that costs 2000$ doesn't suddenly invalidate others in other ships including starter ships. This is the laziest version of the p2w argument, without research or interest, and entirely glosses over how ships mechanically function, their role within the...
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    New Zoids Game! Maybe!

    Found a clip of my favorite zoids moment Oh god the nostalgia
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    New Zoids Game! Maybe!

    YES.....YESSSSSS Who doesn't love a mechanical wolf with a 25mm autocannon on it. Those things were probly the best toys I owned when i was a kid.
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    Poll: Favorite Warhammer 40k faction?

    Tau but the farsight enclave. That shit is basically the magnificent 7(8 really) with commander farsight being the most badass tau in existence.
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    Overwatch Cheaters Are Getting Wrecked By Blizzard

    Welcome to legally binding agreements, "clearly stated in a Terms of Service." I'm fine with this policy and a bit surprised they're still people left who think you own anything when you purchase a game. You're just a customer getting a limited licence to a service which if you fuck with, can...
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    Crowdfunding Opens for Zelda and Pokemon-Inspired Gaimoria

    That project is going to take so utterly long with that staff and pipeline, I can't begin to understand why put money towards it at this stage.
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    7 Anime You Missed in 2015

    Digimon makes the cut but death parade, a gem of this season doesn't. Baffling.
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    Dragon Age Fan Becomes Cassandra in Amazing Inquisition Cosplay

    Welp, she wins. void all contests from now to eternity. she won.
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    No Words Necessary

    I suck at linking things so testing this.
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    Poll: Condiments

    Ranch dressing, you can put it on anything and then drink it out of the bottle when the stuff u put it on is gone.
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    Ryan Reynolds Releases First Official Deadpool Picture

    I concur. Can't imagine this being anything other than horrible.
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    Will Top Gear survive?

    TBH, motortrend's youtube channel has been producing better content than anything shown on Top Gear for a while. Roadkill/Ignition shame anything car related currently.