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    Review: Wolfenstein RPG (iPhone)

    Review: Wolfenstein RPG (iPhone) Wolfenstein RPG is everything you loved about the original, with chickens. Read Full Article
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    Review: Zubo (DS)

    Review: Zubo (DS) It may suffer from a bit of an identity crisis, but Zubo's mish-mash of ideas and styles largely works in its favor. Read Full Article
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    Is LucasArts Planning the Return of TIE Fighter?

    Oh freakin' yeah! Oh hell freakin' YEAH!
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    Review: The Conduit

    Review: The Conduit Has the Wii finally gotten a decent multiplayer FPS? Read Full Article
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    The Escapist Presents: Nerf Wars: The Battle for Themis

    Aw man. Awesome. Why am I remote freelancer again?
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    Review: Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers

    Love me some Magic The Gathering! Wooh! Haven't played in many years, and this game re-ignited an old favorite studyhall pasttime.
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    Indie Queue: Hats Off To Fez

    Indie Queue: Hats Off To Fez Take old school platforming, add some snappy headwear, and you've got indie darling Fez. Read Full Article
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    To Hell With Gravity

    HAHAHA! Awesome.
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    To Hell With Gravity

    Though it's not explicitly mentioned, you can check out the Alpha demo for free at the Dejobaan site. It's quite fun.
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    To Hell With Gravity

    To Hell With Gravity To do list: jump off buildings, head butt poultry, and scream a lot. Read Full Article
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    Indie Queue: Of Blueberries and Gardening

    Another update! The game is out today on steam!!! Buy it, it's amazing.
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    204: Kickin' It Nerdcore

    Thanks for the positive comments folks. There's a lot of cool stuff happening in the world of geeky rap. Awesome.
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    204: Kickin' It Nerdcore

    You can get a lot of free mp3s at various nerdcore artists' websites (scan the article for links). That's a good place to start, but don't forget to buy some albums and support your favorite nerdy rappers.
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    204: Kickin' It Nerdcore

    Kickin' It Nerdcore Hip hop artists usually rhyme about what they know, whether it's the neighborhood they grew up in or their favorite Mega Man boss. Nathan Meunier examines how videogames have influenced the culture of nerdcore rappers. Read Full Article
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    A World of Insanely Twisted Shadows

    Links should be working now. Thanks!