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    LoadingReadyRun: RapidFire 3, Episode 1

    God yes I've been waiting so long for more Rapidfire THANK YOU OH MY GOD ITS LIKE CHRISTMAS MIXED WITH CHOCOLATE
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    So... Did anyone go to the London Comic-con expo?

    What is November the 11th?
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    So... Did anyone go to the London Comic-con expo?

    I was there, Managed to get a photo with 4 of the 5 people I really wanted to meet. Geoff from Rooster Teeth Nerimon the Youtuber Chris Bingham (Bing) - Youtube and Warick davis!
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    Escapist Expo: Fanboyism

    I do enjoy how you decided to reply to that. Also, The only reason I called you "the woman" btw is because I'm dyslexic and at the time if I had tried to type Susan i would have made myself look really stupid. Also, that was a joke, That's why I said "Jims job!"... Jim doesn't have a job...
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    Escapist Expo: Fanboyism

    I personally really enjoyed that, Every expo video. It looks really enjoyable! Seems the woman just wanted to make her point about what SHE thinks about stuff since she had a microphone. Let's insult MLP and other things you know people will disagree with. THATS JIMS JOB.
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    Versus game

    I Don't know what these things are :C So... Darth Tyrannus, because it almost sounds like a dinosaur :3 Coffee or Tea?
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    Your gaming Backlog

    Well, There not the holy grail of gaming, but they really are worth your time to play. Don't expect a perfect product, and let the fact it has childish themes slide. Just enjoy the storyline, and the really enjoyable gameplay :)
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    Just ordered myself a PS3.

    By both of them, do you mean the first two ps3 games, but not "All 4 one"... Because if so, I totally agree.
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    Versus game

    Nope. Light, or darkness?
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    The Last Person To Post In This Thread Wins!

    This thread really needs to be about... 20% cooler.
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    Do you think you're 'Normal'?

    Well, I'm a gay, I guess they call it. But I'm the type to totally be okay with knowing I am not infact normal. I don't look, or act it. Nothing I really do impacts reality. So yeah, Roll with all the things!
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    Excuse me...

    Excuse me, I have dolphins to screw.
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    bizarre enemy designs

    The stupid ass shadows from Deadly Premonition. Don't get me wrong, I love that game more then most people, but the shadows looked bloody retarded.
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    Poll: What to do...

    I'm in that same place mate, I'm a web developer as well as a gamer, but my laptop can't handle those things. I value my xbox live account to high to sell it however, (84000 gamerscore over 2 years) I need a better computer for work however. So what ever advice is given, I might have...
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    Your gaming Backlog