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    Why can't we like things without ruining it? Rick and Morty x McDonalds.

    Probably should have written it a little bit different. Any riots or other extreme behavior of the customers is still their fault. Mob mentality doesn't free anyone from guilt. However McDonalds is at fault for creating an event where it is to be expected that a large group of people would...
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    Why can't we like things without ruining it? Rick and Morty x McDonalds.

    While it's rather disappointing how some fans have acted when they didn't get the sauce. However the fault clearly lies with McDonalds for making this a one day event and only selling a very limited amount of the sauce. It isn't hard to imagine that pretty much every rick and morty fan would...
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    Poll: How Do Multi-Lingual People Think?

    My native language is german, I learned english and french at school and I'm currently learning japanese. I'm fluent in english and to me there isn't much difference between using german and english (once read something and didn't even realize that was in english). Usually I'm thinking in...
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    The Newest Legacy WoW Server has Already Been Shut Down

    Not surprising that the cease and desist arrived that fast, if there was a hype building around the launch of the server. The sad thing is that whoever is responsible for sicking the legal team on the server probably got some sick pleasure from waiting for the launch before they stopped the...
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    Woman charged with Manslaughter after stun went very wrong

    During my military service on the shooting range, I once held my loaded rifle on accident remotely in the direction of someone else. The safety was on and I wasn't even touching the trigger, but my superior was close to taking the rifle away from me and making me sit on the sidelines for the...
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    Poll: How Often Do You Wash Your Towels?

    I agree with that. I wash my towels once a week. I don't see a reason to do that more often since I use them after I washed myself. It only removes clean water from me, maybe some soap. Exception are obviously towels I use to clean of sweat when I'm training.
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    M1911A1 or a new gaming PC?

    Do you already own a gun? Do you just want the gun to own the gun? If you answer these questions with yes, I would definitely say don't buy the gun. Do you want it to protect yourself in case someone breaks into your home? Then get better locks/doors/windows, most will give up if it takes to...
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    Bioware's New IP is Shared-World Action-RPG Anthem

    The gameplay looks interesting, however it's questionable how it will be in the finished product. The paths look quite linear, makes me wonder how much actual exploring is possible.
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    The Mummy

    I think that only applies to less famous actors. I wouldn't be surprised if they would change the script, if Tom Cruise asked them to do that. Besides the characters he plays in movies seem to be very similar to each other. I think he has reached a point in his fame, where he isn't hired to act...
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    What makes One Piece so great?

    Before I lost interest in One Piece I enjoyed that I could expect serious moments and story arcs, for example Arlong Arc or Enies Lobby, but also a lot of funny moments. It doesn't become to monotonous by always trying to be funny or serious. Since the skills and special abilities of the various...
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    Vanquish PC Bug Makes Higher Framerates Equal Higher Damage Taken

    If it's some kind of regular effect that is applied in regular intervals, the extra code is required anyway. The difference is, by tying it to the framerate they remove the necessity to keep track of the intervals. So you save some work and it's not a problem as long as the framerate is...
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    You get to remaster one game/franchise...

    Deus ex: The first game obviously needs better graphics. The enemy AI could use improvement as well. There are probably a few technical problems that could be fixed as well. Can't say much to the second game, I never played that one. Deus ex Human Revolution: I think the maps could be...
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    Yooka-Laylee reviews are coming out and thoughts are ...mixed

    Well, if you see it like this it's true. However considering you painted jim as a sony fanboy, because he liked Nier: Automata and the other games, it doesn't work. It's perfectly possible that jim played the game on pc. Besides disregarding the pc because it's not a console is kind of...
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    Yooka-Laylee reviews are coming out and thoughts are ...mixed

    Nier: Automata is a for PS4 and PC, it's not a console exclusive.
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    What's the Quickest You've Ever Given Up on a Game?

    Mushroom 11, I played it for 3 hours. The game itself is actually quite interesting. You control a mushroom and you move by destroying parts of it, which then regrow somewhere else on the body. The problem is, you have no way to control the direction of the growth and there are several puzzles...