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    Escape to the Movies: Devil

    I actually kind of liked it. As in I wasn't sitting there wanting to kill myself.Because to be honest,It really harbor some interesting points here and there. But you hit the nail on the head with the religious stereotype. That was the worst part of the movie. The moment he began speaking the...
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    Scott Pilgrim gets dominated.

    This actually comes to little surprise. They chose an awful time to release this.You've got the battle of the sexes here. You have the ultra macho testosterone soaked "Expendables" and the fluffy romantic feminine get up of "Eat,Pray,Love". The advertising also could have been a put off. The...
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    Songs you think are just beautiful.

    I'm a sucker for trance so this one get me all kinds of sentimental. This one also comes rather close as well.
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    What do you like about the User above you?

    I like that your are still awake right now and that I have never commented on you before...or at least I don't think I have.
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    Escape to the Movies: Prince of Persia

    dah... I liked the ending of LOST-no matter how bubbly it was. Maybe I'm just a sucker for sentimentality. but I digress. Your opinion of this film actually seems to what I expected it to pan out. I haven't seen it though. .I am moderately irked by the casting just a bit. Not the...
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    Marvel vs. Disney Developed in Alternate Universe

    Pooh-bear pummeling the crap out of the hulk- suddenly the world makes sense. honestly I don't hold any antipathy towards any Disney characters like everyone else seem to. EXCEPT THOSE GODAWFUL DISNEY CHANNEL TEENS.I think its only appropriate that if the game were made-we'd get the ability...
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    Boy kills brother for TURNING ON his PS3

    Whats with the onslaught of technology craving teenagers killing their loved ones over their computers and games?
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    Zero Punctuation: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

    Thank god! I must have been waiting for this review for forever and you did hit the nail on the head. But I did thoroughly enjoy the game.
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    Did You Like Watchmen's Movie Adaptation?

    Overall the production was impressive and the acting was top notch-yet the film was a bit long which caused the film to be stretched thin. but its so gorgeously shot (in fact probably the most gorgeously shot film out there) and the instrumental soundtrack impressive. I didn't finish the graphic...
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    horrible movie that you like

    Thank you. Hook is easily one of my favorite films. Why it got panned is beyond my understanding. Why give a crap about what the higher ups have to say about the film. I will always love the movie and 22% on rotten tomatoes has yet to change my opinon.
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    horrible movie that you like

    Not gonna lie,I kinda liked The Village GAAAAAAAH DON'T KILL ME! Oh and I loved the film Bicentennial Man. It got panned but I liked it.
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    Boy Sees Boobs in Comic, Tells Mom, Mom Tells News

    God its just breasts. I wouldn't want the kid seeing them at that age perhaps-but why did the mother tell the news? NEWS HEADING: BREASTS EXIST! what good does it do?
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    Do you wanna see a big budget Zelda film?

    I won't lie. I have always wanted to see a movie version of Zelda since I was like 5 (8? I don't know I can't keep track). But the idea loses its charm when you realize video game movies are almost always terrible
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    Fortunately / Unfortunately

    unfortunately he had gone blind the day before.
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    Roger Ebert still maintains that video games can't be art.

    Videogames has no less merit than any book,film,music or painting because they're all going after the same goal of entertaining or enlightening. It seems that at the end of the day,what people define as "art" is not by definition but by opinion. OK I get that. Its very difficult to call...