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    Biggest flaws in your favorite games?

    The Neverhood Chronicles - Traversing the world could get tedious at times, what with Klayman's leisurely stroll of a movement speed. Hall of Records, anyone? - Some of the in-game hints were a bit too cryptic, resulting in a few "where do I go/what do I do?" moments. - Some of the...
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    Why Rewatch Movies?

    I rarely do it if we're talking about multiple viewings in theaters. I don't go to movie theaters all that often to begin with, as I don't really enjoy the experience that much. I'm not a fan of being constantly bombarded by ads and trailers leading up to the show time. Then there's the wild...
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    Disappointed/hate the recent star wars game? Try out some of these SW games instead.

    Tie Fighter is not only my favorite Star Wars game, but one of my favorite games period. The masterful presentation, the rock-solid controls, the awesome dynamic iMUSE soundtrack of the original all combines to make a wholly immersive and captivating experience. It's also the...
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    Poll: What is your most anticipated upcoming FPS?

    Can't say I'm excited about any of them. Well okay, I do find the System Shock remake mildly intriguing, but that's only because it's one of those games I've always wanted to try yet never got around to it. Have you played Red Orchestra? It doesn't go as far as some of your suggestions, but...
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    Do you still base your game purchases on whether Yahtzee recommends it?

    I've bought a few good games based on Yahtzee's recommendations (Painkiller and Saints Row 2 being the most noteworthy), but only when they've been out for a while and at a considerable discount. He's generally not my go-to guy when it comes to these sorts of things, as I consider him to be an...
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    Do video games make you go more introverted?

    Depends on the number of players involved. If it's a solely single player experience then yes. Multiplayer on the other hand can help bring me out of my shell (introvert here), especially if it's with friends/coworkers. Bonus points if it's old-school couch multiplayer.
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    Education Games

    Gotta go with a classic and say SimCity 2000. My elementary school used the game to introduce us to basic concepts of city management during computer lab, though most of us just ended up loading save files with prebuilt cities and spamming disasters. Honorary mention goes to Oregon Trail...
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    A new Star Wars happened, and opinions are released upon us like nibbling hounds demanding biscuits

    How is it any more "out of place in Star Wars" than what we've seen before? Then there's the "Legends" continuity, which I'll remind you was considered canonical prior to the Disney buyout: And that's not even getting into the plethora of spoofs and parodies out there, some of which...
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    Poll: Stealth vs Going loud?

    Stealth, but I still like to get my hands dirty in the process. Take the Spy in Team Fortress 2, for example. I got pretty good with the class over the years, to the point where my very existence could wreak havoc with the enemy team. A sapped teleporter here, a few high value targets...
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    I don't understand why Let's Plays have become so popular - Can someone explain it?

    - Vicarious play/nostalgia. I loved playing deep, immersive games like Morrowind and Tie Fighter in my youth, but as a busy adult I simply don't have the time anymore to put forth the necessary investment. It's more expedient to hop onto YouTube and watch someone else have a crack at it for a...
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    Star Wars needs a reboot. Reboot the Original Trilogy, Reboot the Prequel Story, Reboot everything.

    But I like C-3PO! ...Then again this is coming from someone who also likes Jar Jar Binks, so make of that what you will...
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    So cartoon network schedule this week: The Holy Shit sequel

    Jesus CN, just bang TTG's brains out already if you're lusting that hard over it. Shit like this is going to kill shows like OK K.O., mark my words. I should have known; every semi-obscure cartoon I've liked in the past decade ends up being cancelled due to corporate meddling like this...
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    Star Wars needs a reboot. Reboot the Original Trilogy, Reboot the Prequel Story, Reboot everything.

    I'm of the opinion that Star Wars should have been public domain by now. That way any aspiring director could make a Star Wars movie any way they liked without being hampered by exclusive rights holding, licencing fees or arbitrary definitions of "canon." I mean, it's been over four decades...
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    A new Star Wars happened, and opinions are released upon us like nibbling hounds demanding biscuits

    Right, I'm just going to copy-paste my post from the WW because I can't be arsed to rewrite it all over again:
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    Ready Player One, AKA Nerd Fandom: The Movie

    Huh, I didn't know Overwatch was part of 80's nostalgia. You learn something new every day.