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    Skyrim: Dragonborn Review

    Really good review, but try to speak a little bit slower next time. I could see some people having trouble hearing you when watching the video review.
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    Poll: Would you play Deus Ex Human Revolution if it started Adriana Jensen instead of Adam Jensen?

    No question. I'd easily play as a female. They'd need to rewrite the story a little (and maybe have the boyfriend be more of a character than Jensen's girlfriend was) but it could obviously work. Now about those boss battles.
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    Gearbox Promises More "Non-Season Pass" DLC for Borderlands 2

    That defeats the entire purpose of having a Season Pass?
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    Jimquisition: Crying Through The Laughs

    Mass Effect 3 (and the franchise as a whole) has several times were the crew is just hangs out a jokes around. It isn't always so relentlessly depressing.
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    Transformers 4 Will Star New Transformers

    I guess someone didn't watch MovieBob's latest Big Picture, else they would know how stupid that course of action is.
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    Poll: Are gamers good in bed?

    The God of War sex mini-game has trained me to be the best at having sex with women, provided I find one willing to have sex with me.
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    So what is the advantage of a console?

    I'm glad you asked:
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    Poll: Is it better to have a cool job, or a well-paying job?

    Assuming the dream job pays enough for one to live comfortably, then it would obviously be the better choice.
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    Agent 47 Should Sound Familiar in Hitman: Absolution

    FUCKING YES!!!! His voice is instant badass. I think we're all glad to see him reprise his role.
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    Remedy: Next-Gen is a "Quantum Leap"

    I agree. It will be a Quantum Leap. As in, we will be making minimal progress.
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    Skyrim - What would you change/add?

    I would have added skill barriers into the guild quests. There is no reason for an unskilled mage to become Headmaster and no reason for an unskilled thief to ascend to Guild Master. It doesn't make sense. I'd also add some Spellcrafting back into the game. I loved Spellcrafting in Oblivion...
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    Escapist Podcast: Is Photorealism Needed for Gaming to Advance?

    I really hope that Susan is right and that the 2K just really misspoke, because otherwise it would make no sense, believe it. And I have the same problem with the Vita. There is nothing in their catalog yet that makes me want to by the system, believe it. I'd love to play some of those game...
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    Today's Youth Unimpressed With Commodore 64

    And this surprises people how? In a world with gaming technology as advanced as ours, of course kids don't know or care about the Commodore 64. It's to be expected.
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    Hindus Want Smite Out of QuakeCon

    While I feel that these people have every right to request the removal of Smite, I have every right to call them morons for doing so. In a game where you literally have gods duking it out, no religion should be off limits. And once again, god help us if they find out about Shin Megami Tensei.
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    Update: Deus Ex Voice Actor Warns of Deadly Illuminati Fruit Flies It's a character he's being hired to play. The series...