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    SimCity Was Never Meant To Be Online

    Cities XL tried it too. Failed miserably, and at least that game was stable and relatively bug free at launch. It's not the bugs and broken servers that make an online city sim stupid; it's the basic concept that makes it stupid. The arrogance of EA to think they could ram it down our throats...
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    SimCity Is Broken, And It's Not Just the Servers

    I don't get it; Cities XL already tried this whole city specialization/global trading schtick -- people hated it and the game died. They finally wised up and re-released it as a single player game, which is actually pretty good. Quite arrogant of EA to think they could ram the same stupid...
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    Tips for Surviving Persona 4 The Golden

    The only social links you really "must" max from a gameplay perspective would be the active party members you are using (including your party support member) and the Aeon So a total of 5 that you should max out no matter what for gameplay reasons. In contrast, the impact on...
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    Wii U Update Eats Most of Basic's 8GB

    1) Only advanced users update their BIOS and, more importantly, a BIOS update is never forced on you. If you choose to update your BIOS, it's acknowledged to be at your own risk. 2) A BIOS update is typically a few KB and takes 20s at most. The window of potential corruption is very small. We...
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    Puppet Masters

    This instantly makes me think Translyvania 6-5000.
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    Pandaren Join World Of Warcraft In Next Expansion

    That's a reference to Kung-Fu Panda, not Gummi Bears.
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    Computer Built in Minecraft Has RAM, Performs Division

    That particular example was simply ripped straight from Yahtzee's Zero Punctuation review of Minecraft. Giant cock and balls made of gold, or some such.
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    Computer Built in Minecraft Has RAM, Performs Division

    On behalf of all comp-sci majors everywhere... this is not hard, this is not brilliant, this is not even impressive. Creating a CPU within any system that allows for basic logic simulation is nothing special. You'd do it in 200-level courses as part of any comp-sci degree. The fact that he...
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    Poll: Do you watch porn, and if so, how frequently?

    I'm just going to assume everyone herein arguing about the merits of pornography has already read "Defending Pornography: Free Speech, Sex, and the Fight for Women's Rights" by Nadine Strossen. If not, please do.
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    All We Know About World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

    Except, you know... Thunderstorm is STILL THERE.
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    Laws of physics broken as a perpetual motion machine was invented

    Because the USPTO got tired of having to throw out patents for machines that were clearly impossible, and decided to solve the problem carte blanche. More specifically, USPTO policy is that "with the exception of cases involving perpetual motion, a model is not ordinarily required by the Office...
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    Shamus Plays WoW #2: Toiling in the Kobold Mines

    Coffee-splurting funny right there.
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    IGN's Top 25 Sci-Fi Movies of all time.

    Where the hell is Fifth Element?
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    My problem with Bethesda games

    Well, they should. There are far too many games that fail to release a decent toolset or to continue supporting it once it's out the door.
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    What is your IQ?

    Why is it that everyone who was "forced" to take an IQ test, the result of which "doesn't matter" to them, still ends up posting the result they received on these "irrelevant" and "waste of time" tests? Teehee. Now if only someone would post a follow up to this that superiorly ridicules me...