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    Please Understand, Nintendo is the Bad Guy

    You read that a lot in this kind of discussions but this is simply not true. They have copyright on art assets, music, code, voice acting, script ... So while the hack may not simply be the game it still uses art assets and soundtrack and Nintendo can easily claim copyright for those and...
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    Nintendo Wants Its Cut

    I can only recommend to get an Something Awful account and follow the LP's there. I don't know how and when a hobby of showing videogames that you like turned into a business but the whole entitlement of wanting to get get paid for anothers copyrighted material is simply baffling. Everyone acts...
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    German Consumer Group Sues Valve

    You can't choose the jurisdiction in a contract if one party is a consumer (§32 ZPO) and according to a decision from the european court of justice (C-190/11) it is irrelevant where the company is based as long as it aimed for doing business in another country.
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    German Consumer Group Sues Valve

    If you do business in Germany you are bound by German law and German courts. Despite what companies try to tell you there is nothing to circumvent that.
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    German Consumer Group Threatens Legal Action Against Blizzard

    I don't know what you're talking about, but the german box of Guild Wars has a label on the front that designates it as an online game. It's then repeated on the back of the box right next to a screenshot and not in the fucking fine print. In Germany essential contract details have to be...
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    The Half-Naked Elf Problem

    You object to the armor because it is not realistic? Really? Just say that you think it wrong to objectify women too much in these games or whatever, but unrealistic armor is not the strong argument you think it is. I mean people run/jump/swim/fight in full plate armor and walk as fast as the...
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    Atari Reveals Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition

    Am I the only one who thougt "oh god please don't "enhance" it the same way as Star Wars"? :/
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    Mass Effect 3 Review

    It's funny to see you accuse Susan of lying and yet do it in your next post. Lair of the Shadow Broker was referenced several times including the Bossfight. It was almost impossible to miss. And there is even a full mission for the rachni Oo
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    Poll: Paying for dates

    See, that bothers me with that attitude. Basically your action doesn't say "i pay for her because i'm feeling nice" but "i pay for her so she better puts out" Am I the only one who thinks that's pretty insulting? Also i can't understand the attitude "you asked her/him out, you pay" Most...
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    Poll: Reality and Movies - How Many People Can Swim?

    To be fair, it is one thing to swim in a pool without any current and in your swimwear and a whole other thing to swim in full clothing in the ocean or a fast flowing river. But yeah, swimming lessons are pretty much part of your PE curriculum where i live.