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    So, that just happened on german Amazon

    Are you planning on contacting Amazon or asking people to bombard their social media pages? I recommend you do so after looking around the web for if Raul did anything to advertise the poll around that time. Very suspicious, but not impossible.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Equalizer - A Near-Perfect Dad Movie

    I'm gonna be honest with you. What you said is of the same caliber I'd expect of a professional critic like Bob. If he were to a Big Picture episode on different flavors of real-world action movie, then your post would work nicely word-for-word. Very succinct and interesting.
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    Disney's Big Hero 6 Introduces Teen Superheroes

    I know nothing about the history of Big Hero 6, but I like superhero movies and I enjoyed that trailer. Unfortunately I get the nagging feeling that the superhero element is sort of tacked-on to what could've been the story of Hiro moving on after the loss of his brother and the difficulties of...
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    Need Suggestions: Webcomics

    - Paranatural []: Wonderful characters, great story, and absolutely hilarious. -Ava's Demon []: In terms of art this is the most beautiful webcomic I've seen so far. Explores loss, mental illness, friendships, family and more in spaaaaaace...
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    Yogventures Artist Paid $35k For Two Weeks "Work"

    Why are they leaving the artist unnamed? Why wouldn't they publicly shame him/her and report their actions to their new employers? Preferably the latter first so they aren't blamed for a media crapstorm of "Lucasarts Hires Conartist" and damaging the company's image.
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    What do you think of

    I think that they are overly optimistic on the global rise in health, poverty etc. I'll strongly support anything that acknowledges and supports transhumanism as a significant part of our future.
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    Kill la Kill english dub trailer is out

    Satsuki's voice is good (I dislike the way her name is being pronounced, but that might be the proper pronunciation). I wish Gamagoori's voice was more over-the-top, like Hulk Hogan, but it is fine overall. All of the Elite Four/Four Devas turned out well. I hope the actor for Mikisugi has a...
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    Because of The Hunger Games, I think we're ready for a Wonder Woman movie

    I think that one of the central pillars to a wonder woman movie should be to establish a genuinely good Wonder Woman even if it goes against the comics. Without any direct knowledge of Wonder Woman from the comics, my suggestion should be taken with quite a few grains of salt. Instead of opening...
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    Absolutely Fed Up With The "Men only care about sex" ideology

    The intent of this post is to play devil's advocate for FieryTrainwreck's post. I am not trying to correct him and I acknowledge that FieryTrainwreck intended to make generalizations. I want to contribute to the topic with GENERAL sources which serve as counterpoints. This will probably get...
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    If you could create any animal imaginable, what would you make?

    I will begin by completely ignoring part of the instructions. My creature is not technically an animal, however it is not a plant, nor even a fungus. It is a slime mold! ( Supersize this glop into the form of life this world has been waiting for! Castles...
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    Yup, this is my hell.

    Being abducted by giant aliens and forced to live as a toy for one of them. Not a person, not even a pet, but a toy. You are less than a slave. If you manage to escape, you will be stuck on a planet of aliens with no hope of returning home. I think this sprung from one Courage the Cowardly Dog...
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    Would a movie about a comic book villain appeal to you? Also do you think it would work?

    I think a movie about a joint-effort supervillain breakout from jail would be an interesting premise. Multiple supervillains working together with conflicting personalities, risk of backstabbing, and it is a good potential work for either Marvel, DC, or an original work. Who has given up on...
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    Awkward thing happened in China

    I would like to avoid insulting your notable actions by instead recommending a book: WoW Killer said this part better than I could have so I'll move on to a solution for your problem: Apologize to your friend/acquaintance for your lack of...
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    Attack on Titan: your opinion on Eren

    Let me start off by saying that I watched the anime to episode 25 at which point I transitioned to the manga. Perhaps the anime adaptation of the rest of the manga will change this, but the manga does not focus on Eren very much besides following whatever happens to him. It isn't completely...
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    Thinking about it, what is the stupidest fictional thing ever?

    I'm going to assume that you've read the manga. I haven't seen the anime so I can't comment on that. If you haven't read the anime, this might be full of spoilers: