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    What makes a party?

    well me ofcourse :-D ha! seriously though I would say good music, good friends and a halfway decent venue. drinks and other assorted pleasures all optional. dressing up smart is also good for a change, just don't wear a suit that's too expensive for fear of alcohol spillage
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    Best "Non Final Fantasy" JRPG Ever?

    tales of vesperia. to be honest I haven't played a lot of non FF JRPGs but that one is fraking awesome!
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    Poll: Would you love a robot?

    If anybody is seriously questioning this you should watch the remake series of battlestar gallactica. The cylons make other cylons who are (for intents and purposes) organic and the humans can't tell them apart from other humans. Some humans in the series even fall in love with them and...
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    What really scares you? (A Survival Horror Genre discussion)

    Scariest thing for me for me would easily be tredding water in the sea and you can't see any land for miles around. Suddenly you feel something massive(and I do mean massive) swimming around/towards you. You're totally helpless and don't know what it is. That would scare me to that point that I...
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    Ketchup in the fridge

    Um it's a matter of hygeine. If you keep an open bottle of ketchup in the cupboard and don't use it pretty quickly then it can actually go off and give you food poisoning when you eat it. Not sure exactly how long that takes but it does happen eventually. If you're that worried about cold sauce...
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    Rebecca Mayes Muses: Love Song for Yahtzee

    That was actually quite funny! I'm a little confused though...yes it's called "lovesong for yahtzee" but I wasn't sure if it was a come-on or a threat...? If yahtzee does go out for a drink with you he would be well advised to keep a tazer in arms reach just incase! Good stuff :-)
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    I'm a what now?!

    I despise being called posh. Yes I went to a private school but I was one of the poorest there and never fit in with anybody really. The local state school called me posh while all the posh kids at the private school looked down on me for various reasons. I really fucking hated school. Nearly a...
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    Zero Punctuation: E3 2010

    I have to agree with him, this whole motion controller fad is just getting annoying. Is this really the way to go? I'm gonna say no. Quite an enfatic no. It's a complete waste of money in terms of research/development and in terms of people spending their hard earned cash on it when it finally...
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    Boss Fights

    Sometimes boss fights are awesome, sometimes they feel like the devs just crowbarred them in for the hell of it - Dawn of War 2 anybody? I didn't mind the boses in Alpha Protocol though, never had too much trouble with any of them. Except Darcy towards the end. Fucker was spamming grenades like...
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    Miley cyrus, Yes, I'm making this thread, wee look at this title, awesome title.

    we've all gotta grow up sometime. If they don't like it then they can stop their kids watching her new stuff and let them continue to watch hannah montanna. It's not exactly fucking complicated is it?
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    It's bad but does that make it not fun?

    yep alpha protocol. Yeah it's rough round the edges but to be honest it's nice to play a game where what you chose to do actually has an effect on the storyline, unlike other games that propose this but don't deliver (I'm looking at you Farenheit!). I found it thoroughly entertaining!
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    Bad guys really do get the most girls.

    confidence is an attractive thing and the stereotypical "bad guy" has this, at least on the surface. It's not exactly rocket science, is it? It works in reverse as well. I keep trying to go out with these horrible, neurotic women that are just a fucking nightmare to be perfectly honest...
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    Review: Alpha Protocol

    I think people are too harsh on this game. I've been playing it since last week and have been enjoying it quite a bit! Yeah it's rough round the edges and there were certain times when I was left thinking "how the hell did they not see that?" and also "how the hell did they see that?". But all...
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    Oddest weapon in a game?

    Um would have to say that guitar weapon in DMC3. As well as being odd it was also a horrendously bad idea.
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    Is gene-therapy wrong?

    Not entirely convinced that they've found genes to be responsible for this kind of behaviour, yet. But that's getting into a nature vs. nurture argument. Conversley this could be used in a negative way - say the parents were prejudice against homosexuals and it was found that their child had...