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    196: Bridging the Skill Gap

    I find this article raises an issue I have had with the Battlefield series. I always felt that Battlefield 2 raised the bar in online gaming by creating the commander. For those unfamiliar with the mechanic, at the beginning of a map whoever wanted to be the commander could cast their ballot...
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    176: Global Games, Local Perspectives

    @bcjinky - You said "A lot of you are suggesting that developers are so dumb they can only write about the same things over and over again." I wouldn't even suggest that. I'd flat out say it. In my opinion its not just the stories that are stale - its the mechanism by which they are told...
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    176: Global Games, Local Perspectives

    Shadowkirby: Ubisoft is a French developer with offices in Canada as well as USA. Bioware was purchased by EA last year so its an American company. With that being said the video game industry is inherently capitalistic. Publishers want (need)their games to appeal to the largest demographic...
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    Zero Punctuation: Spore

    Next week is Force Unleashed - god that sets up some great puns
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    The Oldest Game On Earth

    Excellent article Pat, and I have to agree with your concerns over the next UFC videogame iteration; which, by the way, is slated for 2009, i believe. I, myself, train in Jiu Jiutsu, not Brazilian though, and I have to agree that the ground game is so unbelievably complex that an entire game...
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    116: Information Complexity and the Downfall of the Adventure Game

    I agree to an extent. My family grew up playing adventure games until the day space quest II got us stuck. It turned out we never looted the crashed space ship and the countless hours spent trying to analyze everything exhausted my fathers patience and he quit gaming with my brother and I. It...
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    94: Next-Generation Storytelling

    I enjoyed the article, especially since it brought out, in my mind, the reasons for my tastes in games. For the last couple of years I have migrated to online games as my staple. Its rare for me to play a single player game let alone play it till the conclusion. Most often I will buy the game...
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    93: Third World Pirate

    I spent time in Nepal and agree wholeheartedly. The only way to get a game is to either pirate it yourself or find someone who has. The limited markets in third world countries cannot support the capital needed to establish a gaming market so its simply ignored by the industry giants. Since...