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    Favorite internet meme?

    this in a nut shell is all i like. (V)(;,,;)(V)
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    Gamers Help Scientists Discover New Planets

    so another +1 to gamers for doing good
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    Has/did your school ever pull a dick move?

    i wanted to take german as my foreign language but when the year i could take it they changed the class to latin so i was forced to re choose my class so i went with Spanish.
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    An Apology to Jon Finkel

    Just now read this i had this happen too, but not in the same way that it did to Jon. I hit it off great with this girl, we were dating for about a week. Then she found out i played video games with a passion and played magic, she went and dumped me, she didn't go to the lengths that Alyssa did...
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    Build A Programmable Piano in Minecraft

    wow that is really cool.I'm still experimenting with pistons.
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    Earthquake in VA

    I was about 10 miles from were it started it scared the crap out of me
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    I am so sick of entitlement

    Any word said by a person not knowing what the meaning off the word.
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    Fallout: *Insert City Here*

    Well my city was done in fallout 3 well not really cause I'm near the Bethesda area which is the other side of DC
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    Roll Your Own Koopa Shell RC Racer

    I agree with everything said above
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    Otakon 2011 Cosplay Gallery

    in the picture of Chell my sister is in the background with the two costumes that i made. I was a minecraft player with only the head and she was a creeper
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    How Popular Are You (Hits On Google)

    First name i got 2,320,000,000 last name i got 5,580,000,000 First and last name i got 82,500,000 My Full name i got 144,000,000 My Name is Michael Black. My user name though got 41,100,000
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    Enjoy the little things

    Right now what is the little things you are enjoying? Mine is salt water taffy my dad bought me.
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    You are given a box... inside that box is ANY item from ANY game... What do you hope it will be?

    all the badges from the world ends with you.
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    So, you are now an Evil Genius!

    just keeping as I planned. Just being average till it is time to rise to power.
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    The Big Picture: Hollywood History 101: Part 1

    I loved you work ever since I joined this site, this just made everything click into place for me. thank you for the episode.