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    Leaked Catherine Achievements Spoil Everything

    You can tell who here hasn't played any Shin Megami Tensei games by the fact they are disturbed by the picture :D *puts on a smug grin* Non-pretencious speaking, I've just read the spoilers and I'm still interested in this game. In fact they aren't the worse spoilers.
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    Review: Michael Jackson The Experience

    whoa whoa whoa...4 out of 5! That does it, I'm getting out of this crazy town
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    Unskippable: Let's Play: Legaia 2: Part 1

    Just to let you all know, I enjoyed Legend of Legaia 2. Was far better than the original. Yeah graphics were meh, story was also a bit meh and the battle system is really annoying (unless you go straight to gamefaqs) but it was fun overall.
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    TGS '10: Mega Man Universe Hands-On

    I'm guessing you don't play much than :)
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    Kotick Itching to Sell Cutscenes As Films

    Goddamn Bobby, you are a freaking genius. Just when I think you couldn't think of anymore ways to make money of suckers...I mean gamers, you just have to prove me wrong. I support this idea 110%. I mean now I won't have to play games to get through the whole story. I can spend $20-30 (what is...
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    California Police Issue Safety Warning About Pedobear

    Funniest news story ever. Quick on the uptake guys :D
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    Poll: Who is hotter? Poison Ivy or Harley Quinn?

    Dammit this is hard...I guess Poison Ivy. Harley Quinn is cuter but Ivy has that come hither look. Screw it I'd take em both :D
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    James Cameron Rips Into Piranha 3D

    And so you have to say nice things about the movie because your friends and a location near your campus were involved with the film. Could we have someone with no personal attachment to this film comment on this :D
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    Blizzard Squeezes $88 Million From Private Server Owner

    If you think it's easy for her to declare bankruptcy and walk away, than I'm sorry but that's quite naive of you. Also, if she drops of the radar, that won't help her but make things worse. Best shot is to appeal. She'll sill have to pay but significantly far less if she's successful...
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    The manga is fantastic. The anime is alright but they defo need to do a reboot, since the manga has so many chapters and thus a lot of time for the anime to run before they need to do fillers.
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    Japan Completes Latest Killer Robot, Assures Our Doom

    Okay Japan, now it's time to work on the Metal Gear I keep asking you to build -_- The one from Metal Gear Solid preferably, with everything included.