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    "I Finally Found It!" Games You Wanted, Looked For A Long Time After...And Finally Found

    Digital Devil Saga 1 + 2. Finally found them, factory sealed, after searching for a good 2 years. That was a happy day, even if they were a mite expensive. The other one that comes to mind is Chaos Legion. I heard it was similar to Devil May Cry, and this was when I was 10 and wasn't allowed...
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    Cyanide and Happiness Random Comic Generator! These are my faves. The...
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    "Well hi there cute girl in my class"

    I have succeeded and failed at both the "become friends first" and "ask her out immediately" methods, so I really don't think there's any "right" way to do things. Having said that, This is the best way to meet someone in class. It doesn't involve ambushing her before or after, gives you a...
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    random superpower thread. Self-Sustenance. So I never have to eat, sleep, shit, or even breathe? Cool, I literally never have to waste another second of my life doing the kind of boring things necessary to keep us alive. Sure makes student life a lot easier. So much...
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    Question about Relationships and Whatnot

    Second this. I was in a similar situation at one point, after I met a girl who was sort-of interested in me for the first time. In hindsight she obviously didn't want us to be more than casual friends, but because she never flat-out said that I convinced myself that she was just bad at showing...
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    Who have you rejected, why, and do you regret it?

    Twice directly, once kinda sorta, and then a couple of the "in hindsight she was totally into me but I didn't realize at the time" accidental rejections. One of the direct ones I don't regret. Nothing lost there. The other one I do. She was a good friend, and pretty darn attractive, but I...
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    Shiny Legendary Pokemon

    Shiny Articuno in FireRed. Walked up to fight it a second time after accidentally making it faint the first time, and there it was. I didn't have a Master Ball either. That was the most nerve-wracking fight I've ever had in a Pokemon game.
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    Gonna buy a 3DS: Need help, stat!

    Yes. YEEEEEES. SO GOOOOOOD. ... Seriously though, this guy knows what he's talking about. If you like visual novels those two games are must-plays. You definitely need to play 999 first though, if only so the full weight of the twist at the end of VLR hits you. Like a truck. Riding on a...
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    Poll: On No More Heroes (potential spoilers?)

    What do I think? Well... Stupid canon, always ruining the cool story interpretations (see also: the Indoctrination Theory). Edit: Forgot more evidence: I mean seriously, how much more subtext could there be?
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    The Persona Series

    1 is a first-person dungeon crawler. Haven't played it but from what I understand it's VERY old-school. If it wasn't for the name you'd hardly realize that they were from the same series. 2 is an isometric dungeon crawler. I have played this one (ones, it's in 2 parts), and it's actually...
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    So, I finally get it.

    Bioshock 2. Oh Bioshock 2. I've never owned a 360 or a decent gaming PC so my first experience with Bioshock 1 was a year after it originally released, after the PS3 port launched. I had been hearing so much praise for that game for so long that when I got my hands on the PS3 version I had to...
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    Post a video from your Youtube Favorites

    Veeeeery bottom of the list. Still makes me chuckle.
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    Rock albums that are actually good

    They're pretty clear compared to, say, Abnormality, but they're still too rough for my taste. I just don't enjoy the sound of screams or death growls. His clean vocals were definitely less whiney back then though, I agree with you there.
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    Rock albums that are actually good

    I've heard a lot of people say that. I actually didn't really like their first two albums. Don't get me wrong, I totally understand why they're seen as classics, but I HATED the harsh vocals. I've never enjoyed songs whose lyrics I can't, for lack of a better term, hear. Again, I appreciate the...
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    Rock albums that are actually good

    I do agree with your point about the army. It doesn't really bother me too much, but I do wish they branched out into different topics more often (like they did with Coming Down aka. the song I posted). One of the reasons I prefer Disturbed is the range of subjects they sing about. I find it a...