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    The Best Game You bought from the Bargain Bin

    Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 15$
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    A Game is being made about your Avatar...

    WHAT FINAL FANTASY VII CRISIS CORE II? AWESOME!!! Except it'd have to be a prequel or something weird.
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    Game Devs Will Earn $51k This Year (On Average)

    Rich??? They are not rich, just above average then other jobs, then again they do require a certain degree for the those spots and 99% of the time doing it for the fun of the job, or to see the industry do better. Its more of a dream job per say. Hell most Teachers make 30k or so a year. And...
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    Poll: Vampire, Werewolf or Wizard ! ... or goat.

    Wait so your telling me I cannot be a Were-Goat-Wolf that Sucks the blood of his enemies and has Mystical Powers like wizards and shit? Then whats the point!!!!
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    Greatest TV show ever?

    Animated: Many animes that I cannot fight myself to choose one... Comedy: Scrubs or Psych (they both rub me the right way) Drama: Nothing, absolutely nothing. Why should I watch something that would essentially tug at my heart strings (or atleast try to) when I could just watch what...
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    Poll: what do you think the best JRPG of the last 10 years was?

    Looking up I can't fathom how stupid some people are calling some games that are obviously not JRPG, does there have to be like meeting every year that reminds the stupids what they are playing? Oh wait we already have it... E3.... Oh but my favourite JRPGs will go something like the guy above...
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    Poll: Kitten Names

    My advice: 1. Buy DS if you do not own one 2. Purchase Ghost Trick 3. Play through entire game 4. Name Black Kitten after Main Protagonist (trust me it makes sense) But Im cool with Tux
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    I need help with literature for an 11 year old

    Have him play video game that involves same genre, see what I did there for you.
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    Minecraft Multiplayer Brought Down by DDoS Attack

    These DDOS fags are really butt hurt, they can't wait till Halloween. If they were fans, why not help him, oh thats because these guys are lazy fags. They can suck my dick and be butt hurt all they want, I will just play other games till its over.
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    Which Type Of Gamer Are You Catagorized In?

    7 - REAL bitches 13 - 1990-2000 ftw 14 - UTorrent ftw 17 - World of Warcraft d00d 19 - Final Fantasy Series ftw 21 - Seaking FUCK YEAH (Heart Gold PS: gots me shinny golden Geodude while playing) 23 - (Ok this one should of been called Game Over with friends, like a game night or day of...
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    Sleeping patterns.

    Until 12 on Saturdays and Sundays, and Weekdays are anytime really
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    Best anime?

    Gundam Series
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    Ever lose faith... in humanity?

    Every time I look at Bad games... or mabey they're there to make better games that would create a better future
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    Super Mario Galaxy Players:

    Lolz I did as a Child playing Sonic Games on the Sega, but thats because of Rage!