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    Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Unites The Bat's Rogues Gallery

    Not to be That Guy, but "Rouge" in title, I did not realize Batman had a squad of..Burlesque Dancers. I only bring it up because you mention just down that it's a "Rogue Gallery" feel free to call me out if I'm mistaken though.
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    The weird thing is. My girlfriend is pregnant and about to burst...So now we're just waiting around on the birthing to start lol. This is also pretty much how I envision it happening.
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    The Comic

    My initial thought on panel one "I'll take a potato chip*Deep heavy rhythmic breathing* AND EAT IT!" I lost my shit-though unfortunately not necessarily at the comic strip. That being said, I have no idea what Destiny is and have managed to ignore it completely from my Radar. So I'm...
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    Square Enix Opening New RPG-Centric Studio

    I'll remain reservedly optimistic. While this sounds like an amazing return to what I'd love to see, I'm going to maintain the belief that skepticism is best because lately things haven't been looking all that "up" for Squares track record. So, we'll see what we see.
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    Google's "Project Wing" is a Secret Drone Program

    Queue Squidward_future.gif But in all seriousness, if it actually allows for faster shipping without the need for drivers who insist on saving your home for the last one in the day and wait until 5 after 5 to do their delivery when you've given up hope and given into hunger pangs and...
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    Hello Kitty is a Cat, Right? Wrong, Says Her Creator

    I'm going to just point out the thing that everyone else has so far ignored. Why? Because I'm an asshole and a pervert, bred through the internet. The suggestion that Hello Kitty is never depicted on all fours is provably false, just look up some r34 and I'm certain someone out there has placed...
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    Zelda And Animal Crossing Packs Are Mario Kart 8's First Paid DLC

    You pretty much summed up my entire thought process. Though mine was snarkier. I still stand firmly /against/ the practice of DLC BUT, at the risk of sounding hypocritical, this seems like DLC done right. 16 tracks for 12 bucks(even if they're just reskins of previous levels, I don't know...
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    Sony's Getting Nervous About Its Excellent PS4 Sales

    Because the Canadian Customs bureau are a bunch of twats who create imaginary value to various articles. 1,000$ worth of PC Parts? Goes through no problem. Pair of shoes I can only import from the US? 100$ worth of dues. Because fuck logic. Edit: I should also mention that during that period...
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    Sony's Getting Nervous About Its Excellent PS4 Sales

    The bit about a good product and nicely priced isn't true of every country, here in Canada they upped the price tag to 450 per console(with no special editions.) and the games come just shy of 100$ with taxes. That's ludicrous. I refuse to pay that much extra when I literally live on the god...
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    Fat shaming vs. necessary dialouge on obesity

    Fine, pick your poison. Which kinds of evidence and in what forms do you want? I already posted a handful of videos, most articles on the internet are opinion pieces or interpretations of the science and quite honestly it does feel like people just refuse to hear the truth. I don't care how...
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    Fat shaming vs. necessary dialouge on obesity

    And yet everyone seems to be completely glossing over my points and disregarding me out of hand. This must be what it feels like to be Gary Taubes.(Who I swear to god is channeling Owen Wilson but smarter.) Fact is, science has known the most probably causation of adiposity and contrary to...
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    Fat shaming vs. necessary dialouge on obesity

    It is however linked to not ingesting enough Dietary Fat and an excess of sugary substances. So there's that.
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    Fat shaming vs. necessary dialouge on obesity

    Only that's wrong. That is not the only known somewhat reliable solution. We've known for over a century that calorie restriction, so called "Semi starvation" diets only work if they reduce carbohydrate intake and increase fat. It borders on the impossible to overeat while eating low carb. The...
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    Fat shaming vs. necessary dialouge on obesity

    Well I've got an easier time of it. I'm a Quarter Algonquin but if you saw me walking down the street you'd swear I was pure. When I do grocery shopping my girlfriend and her mother used to give me odd looks but after seeing me lose 50+lbs over the course of 3 months, they figured I was doing...
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    Fat shaming vs. necessary dialouge on obesity

    But the assumption that fat and salt is bad for your general health is one of those poorly supported dogmatic equations we've grown greatly attached to. Not realizing the science behind it has never truly supported the theory. Hell, science created an entirely new branch of statistical analysis...