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    Lawyer Destroys Arguments for Game Piracy

    "Lawyer Destroys Arguments for Game Piracy" is a preety S*** title. He haven't said anything new, at best he is not the one who brought these up. Piracy bad? Yes. So why not arrest based on IP? Because that's not a good definitive proof of culpability. If someone personal cumputer IP was...
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    Why the Skyrim boycott is a waste of time and missing enjoyment.

    Honestly, I can't take your opinion seriously. I'm not boycotting Skyrim, but I can see the value in it. It IS a David Vs Goliath situation. How dare you be on the opposite side of a guy who offers a Quake 3 match to solve juridical disputes of possibly millions of dollars?! HOW DARE YOU! :P...
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    The Big Picture: Frankenstein Conquers the World

    Looks good. I was waiting for some "Anti-thinker" thing, so that's very welcome. I'll be watching the next ones as well. Weird B movies? Weird B JAPANESE movies? Hell yeah ^^
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    How do you think your parents would react if they went through your internet browsing history?

    Haha, I'm very careful about this. It would be a little akward if they found out some of my secret folders tough... :P
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    Escape to the Movies: Drive

    OH-MY-GOD. I've seen your Idea of fun on the "The Game AntiThinker" series a while ago. Personally that's something I'd like to forget. Please, tell me that's not the sort of thing you're planning for October on The Big Picture. Seriously, Bob, you're awesome... but not as an actor. -_-
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    Another angle on the whole 'geek girls' thing.

    Well, proportion. First off, the few girls you met can not be considered the basis to geek girls population in general. Second, most geeks are in fact non-attractive (or at least not beautiful), but as there are a HUGE number of men on the geek side of the Force, you will find much more handsome...
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    Zero Punctuation: Resistance 3

    Unique. Good to see ol' Yatzee geting out of the "play, hate, spend most of the time complaining about story (even if there is hardly one), make joke and end" formula.
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    Poll: Have games ever taught you anything useful? (or incentivated you to do so)

    This one is for a little research I'm doing. By useful I mean of course something society would consider useful, like hystory, math, moral values, etc. An example of my own, if you type Da Vinci or Leonardo Da Vinci on YouTube, one of the first videos you will see is this: and about...
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    Piracy discussion - too moral oriented?

    As i said in the OP, I believe today online and physical features are the main factors. When you buy a game that comes with a artbook, an action figure, online multiplayer mode or something like that, wich is very hard to copy, or presented in better quality on the original, you feel that the...
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    Mojang and Bethesda Are Going to Court

    "he even went as far as to suggest that Bethesda and Mojang settle the matter by way of Quake 3 Team Deathmatch, an offer Bethesda chose not to respond to." lol Gotta love Notch. Good luck to him, I hope he kicks Bethesda ass.
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    Piracy discussion - too moral oriented?

    Ops, sorry, I'm used to use "," instead of "." when referring to cents, that's how I was taught. Answering your question, I believe you got the meaning of moral oriented right. I'm not ruling out that part of the discussion, and no, I don't think the price tag is a good justification for...
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    Piracy discussion - too moral oriented?

    That's the point. The price is too high, so people don't buy it. They pirate it. When you rule out the moral paradigm it normally gets too hard to justify a legal purchase. I believe it shouldn't be so. Wow, chill out. I'm trying to adress the problem here, not make a personal...
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    Piracy discussion - too moral oriented?

    Disclaimer: First of, I'm not in favor of piracy. No justification presented bellow is necessarily my own, it's just how I believe most people tend to behave. My main point is that we need more than what we have today to combat piracy, we need more than morality to guide consumer choice. That's...
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    If you had a Death Note how would you use it?

    I'll use it if Hollywood decides to remake a Charles Chaplin movie. Damn, no matter if I can't go to heaven or hell, if they do something like that, THERE WILL BE BLOOD! -_- Seriously... this remake mania that is going on in Hollywood is getting out of control. Hell, I might use my Death Note...
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    Poll: What's really hurting the Game industry?

    Removing Extra Creditz from The Escapist. ...Sorry couldn't resist... xD Seriously now. If I had to choose I would say Piracy. I would like to say DRM, but truth is it's more annoying than problematic, and it is a consequence from piracy so... But everything on those options is hurting the...