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    What is your current game

    Warriors Orochi 3 for some mindless fun, giving The Witcher 2 another playthrough once the enchanced edition patch finishes downloading.
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    What would nintendo need to have to get you buy a Wii U?

    Off the top of my head, games not built around a gimmicky controller, Nintendo to bring their online infrastructure into 2012 (friend codes really?) EXCELLENT third party support and this needs to happen having some good third party titles wont cut it, two gens in a row now Nintendos game lineup...
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    SkullGirls anyone?

    Main complaint is the characters feel like they had their movesets directly lifted from other games, I've seen Blanka, Guile, Millia Rose, Sentinel there is very little originality on display here, it works but it feels cheap.
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    Poll: You are now the C.E.O. of Activision.

    The first thing I would do merge small contracted developers Activision spreads itself waaaaaaay to thin and quality control suffers. Blizzard are fine let them do their thing, push for more microtransactions maybe a premium membership service. Work on buying out Ubisoft and related small...
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    Poll: Least favorite FF villan?

    Vayne Solador the guy had about 14 lines in total he made the emperor from FF II look positivley intrigal.
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    The Witcher 2 First Impressions Thread

    I'd love to play it but my motherboard fried and my laptop would get bent over backwards even trying to render the bloody loading screen.
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    Leaked Star Wars TOR gameplay 1.5h

    Was already firmly aware it was another standard everquest model reskin looks as painfully dull as the thought of ever booting up WoW again is. Story means fuck all when it comes to the longevity of an MMO if your raid, PvP and combat is dull so is your game and it's just more of the same...
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    Is Nintendo Under Hackers Radar

    No ones bothered to hack a Wii because it's already fully emulatable on mid end pc's.
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    To the people saying that Live could be breached like Sony.

    Remember that one autistic guy from britain that managed to hack into the American militarys systems and NASA from a regular old house computer and he claimed he was just searching for UFO evidence. Yeah ANY system can be compramised if you know what you're doing power and money mean nothing...
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    Poll: Which console has worse problems?

    YLOD is an overheating problem easily prevented with semi-frequent maintenance and proper storage i.e. not next to a radiator other electrical devices that heat up, clean the fans, keep in a ventilated area. Xbox is a hardware fault.
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    So I guess the space personality robot is the new cake huh?

    Nowhere near as bad as the cake is a lie that was fucking everywhere, articles, webcomics, podcasts, reviews, MMO's, pop culture, fuck how many acheivments had some sort of "is a lie" play? I even remember hearing it on the damned radio once. And all those guy's who thught they were super...
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    Help Is On The Way For European PSN Customers

    Oh thanks a fucking ton Sony idenity theft protection two and half weeks later? Wheres the line I get in to give you a blowjob. Had I not already cancelled my cards and paid for a protection service I'm sure I would be grateful. And yes they do owe us they are contractually obligated by...
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    Skyrim- your dual weapons choice

    Two hammers, because that's how I fucking roll.
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    The first game you hated.

    Jason and the Argonauts, OH MY FUCKING GOD do I hate that game I picked it up on a bored whim £15 out of a bargain bucket but that's £15 I wish I had today. Install > Obvious console port FUUU > X-Box Buttons display FUUUUUUUU > Fucking terrible camera/movement cotnrols FUUUUUUUUUUUU > Plug in...
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    How did YOU celebrate Osama's death?

    I did nothing, I'm Scottish and these last 8 years have been a complete fiasco of propoganda, pointless invasions and a massive breakdown in multicultural relations congrats Osama you won you got America to Shoot itself in it's own foot and tank the Worlds economy for whats coming up to be a...