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    Where have all the stealth games gone?

    Do not forget that they're also working on the next Thief sequel. Let's just hope that that THI4F abomination is just a working title. ARGH! I wanted to make the obvious bad joke!
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    The "Authority Versus Rebellion" conflict

    Aside from the traditional Good v. Evil conflict, the Lawful v. Chaotic conflict, to put it in simple terms, frequently pops up in games. As far as I know, it usually manifests itself as either a group of stalwart heroes opposing the evil Empire, or the noble soldiers protecting their homeland...
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    God games

    Gods and Idols is a ftp game that is currently in development. At the moment there's only a tech demo. It's not so much a God game as an online mutliplayer interstellar RTS, but there are some divine influences: reigniting stars at the end of their lifespan; reforming asteroid belts into...
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    What does it take to kill a death claw?

    First: shoot him with the Dartgun, it does little damage, but it instantly cripples the legs, which eliminates the Deathclaws prime advantages (his speed and jump/lunge attack). Second: blast away.
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    FizzBuzz Test

    OK, I can't write code to save my life, but I did a little amount of C not to long ago, so I can solve the FizzBuzz test with a combination of a do-while loop and a few if-else statements.
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    Critical Miss: Suchong

    And now we know. Nice little story.
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    Trailers: The Cursed Crusade - Templar's Curse

    And yet, there is no Saracen in sight.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Imagine If You Will

    How about the boy being a Polymorphed Illithid? That could be funny.
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    Unskippable: Sonic the Hedgehog

    This game has the most incongruent visual design I've ever seen.
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    Skyward Sword Breaks New Ground With Upgradeable Gear

    Question: are these upgrades necessary to progress through the game (longer hookshot, turning your shield in a mirror shield etc)? Seems a bit odd to me that you would need to grind for materials to upgrade whatever you're upgrading, rather than solving dungeon puzzles, or exploring. Kind of...
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    Berserk Theatrical release: Trailer

    Over the last few months, I attempted to keep the Escapists' Berserk fans informed on the progress of the new Berserk anime and accompanying theatrical release, which was met with an astounding amount of indifference (save a few people). Before, there were a few snippits of animation around...
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    Deus Ex trouble shooting

    Hello Escapists. I've got a little problem running Deus Ex 1 (GotY edition) at the moment, and the Internet has not been very helpful in finding a solution. A year back, Deus Ex was improperly shut down, (perhaps during saving) and sice then, the game runs incredibly slow, choppy and in a...
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    Isn't the Roman Empire kinda overrated?

    True, too bad part of that was temporarily lost during the Dark Ages/Early Middle Ages. Huzzah for the Rennaisance, I suppose. Speaking of great influence and East Asia, one could say the same thing about Imperial China, the Mongol Empire and India. My knowledge of history is very limited...
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    Berserk Theatrical release -Yet another Update: release date estimation-

    I cast Speak With Dead Thread! See the OP for another update.
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    Shadows of the Damned Review

    They could've made a Scarface reference...