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    Zero Punctuation: Hollow Knight / Dead Cells

    Getting sick of "Dark Souls is hard". It isn't. Just punishing rather than balanced. All one has to do is play slower and they've unlocked the secret. Trial and error and high burst damage is not difficult, just annoying and a cheat for real difficulty like a Devil May Cry.
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    Zero Punctuation: Nier Automata

    This game was a massive let down. Has none of the philosophy or video game meta I was promised. Average at best and completely shallow experience on every level. 80 hours and 100%, fight me.
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    Zero Punctuation: Nier Automata

    What yahtzee said at 4:33 was exactly like the Stanley Parable and I applaud him pointing that out.
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    Zero Punctuation: Horizon Zero Dawn

    This review validates me because I thought the same things.
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    Half-Life 3 Will Probably Never Happen, Says Valve Insider

    Honestly, Valve has lost credibility with me. It doesn't make anything anymore. I don't trust them with anything other than Steam. I believe they wrote themselves into a corner with HL3 and now the intrigue is too great. They will die a disappointment and only have themselves to blame.
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    The Problem with Freemium Games

    This was a great and witty article. The bit about sitting down for an evening of culture resonated with me. I hate that we have tipping in the United States instead of flat rates like most other countries. It's an outdated and sinister practice. South Park did an episode of freemium games...
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    Nintendo Exec Explains NES Classic Scarcity

    What a sick farce Reggie's answer was. Typical political evasion or cluelessness.
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    This is How You Fix RPG Sidequests

    For real. That was rude of him. I don't feel like participating now.
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    Zero Punctuation: Gears of War 4

    The end of this one really got to me. How do you make the artist's work noticeable? How do you make a game that doesn't force the player to look at a thing which is bad but also doesn't make them feel like they have to advance as fast as possible? I do this a lot in games lately. Most of...
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    Zero Punctuation: Paper Mario Color Splash

    I have nothing to say other than I was really charmed at Yahtzee ingenuity to use the wiifit trainer picture upside down as a throne. Really efficient!
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    Zero Punctuation: No Man's Sky

    Knew it from the beginning and vindication is sweet. Fuck this stupid and pointless game. Just a first time dev studio who didn't really know what they were doing. Eye's bigger than stomach and didn't have the balls to say no. Well now they can eat shit for being liars on top of everything.
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    Zero Punctuation: Furi & Song of the Deep

    So did he like Furi or not? And I wish someone mentioned the similarity to Hyper Light Drifter.
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    Zero Punctuation: Mighty No. 9

    Yes exactly. Inafune had surprisingly very little to do with the Megaman game series. I have the art books, I have the CDs, I have the old interviews so it's confirmed. Megaman was already created before he even joined the team. Inafune made some enemies and Zero and was largely uninvolved with...
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    Zero Punctuation: Dark Souls III

    After playing 3, I've grown to appreciate 2 a lot LOT more. Ultimately, 3 was boring after the initial exploring amazement fell off. I just didn't care and nothing was worth upgrading. I was a destroyer god almost immediately so getting new things, (most of which were shit/useless anyway), was...
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    Get Out of Your Comfort Zone for 2016

    A great beginning EP piece for the new year. Maybe, except good, meaningful and lasting.