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    Cops and Superheroes

    In the real world if someone with super powers wanted to fight crime they would probably just be better advised to simply join a law enforcement agency and get the proper training to do the job safely and correctly. If they want to help out people in emergencies then simply join some sort of...
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    Doctor Who Review: This Is Almost Too Silly

    I have to say that this episode more so than any other that I can recall watching really felt like someones crossover fanfiction story that somehow got televised. Additionally it felt as if the Doctor in the episode was Superfluos to the story, and the success or failure of the...
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    Would a movie about a comic book villain appeal to you? Also do you think it would work?

    Their is always Doctor Horrible as an example of a fairly low budget proof in concept of the idea and while it began with a fairly comedic ineffectual villain. I would say buy the end of its run he has left the comedy behind and is ready to be a fairly cold villain.
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    Escapist Podcast: 122: Oscars, Booth Babes & SimCity Offline

    Regarding the observation of "booth babes not working" while I think their is certainly validity to the points raised. I wonder how much of the increased foot traffic might have simply been because seeing an elderly person manning a table in a room full of Booth babe tables might have been seen...
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    Taiwanese Teen Dies Following Diablo III Binge

    I have to wonder with D3s real money auction house if that might have been why he was playing so intently for so long. The current exchange rate seems to be a bit over 30,000$ Taiwan Dollars per U.S. Dollar and the real money auction house is capped at I believe 250$ U.S. That is roughly 7.5...
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    Can "e-sports" be considered true sports?

    Here is my take on it, ESports are probably a protosport at this point in their development they have a lot of elements that we find in more traditional sports such as football and baseball but their lack of physical activity does prevent them from being casually accepted as a sport at this...
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    Why does America fear/distrust it's government?

    Except that China's Economic growth is still heavily tied to its ability to export to the United States to drive its own economy. Additionally their is this tidbit from "But before you...
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    Why does America fear/distrust it's government?

    I would also add that their was also a real fear of the abuses of that masses as well when we were setting up the Republic as well. That we had a very real fear that if citizens were given direct control over the government rather being filtered via the Republic that they would vote themselves...
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    Why does America fear/distrust it's government?

    I think that you have to keep in mind certain aspects of our history especially in our role as one of the first modern Republics. 1: When we successfully rebelled the original idea of the United States was that we were more a loose collection of nation states directed under a weak centralized...
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    What's Wrong with the new Star Wars?

    For me the first major problem is that Lord Vader the Dark Lord of the Sith and one of the most iconic villains in the history of cinema could now easily be referred to as "Little Orphan Anni". A more important reason for my problems with the movies is that many people have referenced the...
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    What I don't get about the MOH "controversy"

    Like a few people have already mentioned the difference between Nazis and the Taliban is an issue of time. The horrors that the Nazis inflicted on people occurred 70 years ago. They were also a faction that were ultimately defeated in history conclusively enough that despite the wishes of a few...
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    The ultimate weapon in the innevitable war against sentient machines?

    There are over 6 billion people already on the planet even if we allow for increases in cloning technology to allow for vastly accelerated growth rates, and also develop a technology to allow for some semblance of knowledge into the clones it ignores logistics issues on a massive scale. The...