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    Whilst the explicit exposition is overdone in places, I did like how the blood/DNA thing with Dr. Pavel on the plane wasn't verbally explained at any point. Also, I'm assuming the cane is a result of the fall with Harvey Dent at the end of The Dark Knight? He was noticeably limping...
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    Microsoft Wants You to Test Internet Explorer on Your Xbox

    Whilst the new version of IE isn't horrific, I still prefer Chrome. Can we have that on the xbox? Didn't think so, somehow. Also, this will never catch on unless those keypad things for the controllers get a hell of a lot cheaper. Or if USB keyboards can be used. I have no idea of that...
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    DC Says One Of Its"Iconic" Heroes Is Gay

    I'm exaggerating; it's nowhere near that bad. I just don't see why it needs to be in the opening caption bit of every issue. Her series is fairly interesting, post-reboot. Mostly because they're trying some weird stuff with non-sequential story-telling, and partially because it looks like...
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    DC Says One Of Its"Iconic" Heroes Is Gay

    Already in the relaunch, already gay. They're in Stormwatch, if you're remotely interested in their continued goings-on.
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    DC Says One Of Its"Iconic" Heroes Is Gay

    Aquaman is 1) slightly less of a joke now, and 2) actually married. Seems unlikely Most of the other major characters are getting some on a regular basis in the reboot... Cyborg's fairly high-ranking at the moment courtesy of justice league, so that's a possibility. As is Superboy, I...
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    With Spoilers, Discuss the Avengers

    See, I wondered that too, but they've passed the point where bringing him back would be anything other than cheap. If he'd been shown on the helicarrier towards the end of the film, maybe, but it's too late now.
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    Have you ever played through a game and completely missed a game play feature?

    Wait, what? Does this mean I don't have to just sit there and get my face eaten by a banshee? Explain how
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    ME3 Multiplayer: I finally had to rage at someone

    I have now realised that 15 seconds is not long enough to run out, revive the person who decided holding the line wasn't their thing, and run back again. I ended up just outside the zone as the timer hit 0. (They ended up trying to take on a geth prime in melee combat. Perhaps I should have left...
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    Poll: Favorite drink containing alcohol

    Either some form of ale, or cider. There's a particularly pleasant Toffee Apple flavoured cider that you can get in the UK, although without seeing a bottle I can't recall who makes it.
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    Bisexuals: The Outcasts of Outcasts.

    I suspect that's due to people settling down with a single partner as they get older. There could be a lot of bi people out there who are happily in gay or straight relationships, leaving you with no reason whatsoever to assume that they are in fact bisexual. I don't think there's a...
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    How "with it" are you?

    Wait, what? What mysterious sorcery is this, and where can I get one? Aside from the lack of this awesome sounding device, I'm generally technologically adept. Also, I make great use of facebook. I have enough friends physically distant enough from me to render it useful for keeping in touch...
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    Poll: How Happy Are You Being Single?

    I can't think of a way to say this that doesn't sound either patronising or pathetic, but are you OK? Scratch that - what's wrong? (if you don't mind venting at a random stranger on the internet) OT: I'm fairly happy either way. There are pros and cons to both being single and being in a...
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    Poll: Will you upgrade immediatly?

    Not until I can comfortably afford it, which currently I can't. Besides, a new console would mean cheaper games from the current generation, which means I could catch up on all the games I missed.
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    Jimquisition: Piracy Episode One - Copyright

    I was informed by a professor today that he couldn't just give us the lecture notes for the course. Because the course is heavily, heavily based on a textbook that he wrote, he's been informed that distributing the notes would be a breach of copyright.
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    The Internet Needs Laws

    Laws are needed, sure. But laws that take into account the fact that the net works differently to the traditional media distribution forms that the entertainment industry is used to. Also, I remain unconvinced that any single country should be able to pass legislation that will globally...