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    Sony Pulls Grand Theft Auto V Pre-Order Files After Leaks

    Spoiling a game that hasn't been released yet is the dickest of dick moves. Though it's grand theft auto so you probably know how the story goes.
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    New Pokemon Anime Is Set In The First Generation

    Did you know Ash is one of the worst protagonists of all time? Red is a true boss and this is going to be awesome.
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    No Right Answer: Who Would Win Fan Submissions

    Not gonna lie, this video is kind of bad and the submissions are as well. All the ones on the forums above and bellow me and all the ones in the video are pretty cringeworthy. The old one with the cards was good because there was actual randomness, a bit of chaos in the mix. You didn't know who...
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    Deus Ex: The Fall Disables Weapons on Jailbroken Devices

    It's a good thing they thought this through and disabled weapons for people who modified their Ios device. It's not like they have the ability to hack their modified device to remove an annoying feature they don't want. Crisis averted, ladies and gentlemen, Square has solved the problem of...
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    Microsoft: $499 Xbox One Will "Over-Deliver" on Value

    "[$499] is a lower number than some of the analysts had forecasted," + 59.99 for one more controller if you want to play with a friend or sibling since the old ones wont work. But what are the chances people might want to buy an xbox for the multiplayer games? + 59.99 for any of the launch...
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    E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial Dump Faces Excavation

    I was hoping they would leave it for archeologists to find hundreds of years in the future to continue a long, proud tradition of cultures inadvertently doing things that can only ever serve to confuse people.
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    Peter Molyneux's Curiosity Finally Chipped Away

    Wait... Isn't this like the plot to Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory, sort of?
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    PlayStation 4 Video Reveal: Come See The Elephant

    I'm guessing that it's going to be a black rectangle that you put disks in.
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    Nintendo Suddenly Claims Ownership Of Many YouTube Videos

    Your argument doesn't make any sense. Obviously, if they are making add revenue, 'stream-of-consciousness rambling' has real monetary value. If you and nintendo really think it's the footage that is making the add revenue money then why doesn't nintendo simply post unabridged footage of all...
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    Insomniac "Not Working" on the Wii U

    I bought the Wii U to play nintendo games. As long as nintendo is still making games, I can't bring myself to care about whether Ratchet and clank or Just Cause three is going to be available on the wii U. If I'm going to play a bland Triple A game I'll buy it off steam and play it on my...
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    The Big Picture: The Boot, Part Two

    I'd like to see reboot of... Reboot.
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    The Great Debate

    Disabling comments is stupid from an uploader's perspective because from what I understand, the number of comments tie into how videos are rated and listed. More comments, good or bad, is good. Hence why people are always begging you to 'like comment subscribe'. She doesn't have to read the...
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    Mythic Co-Founder Says Free-to-Play "Apocalypse" Coming

    It's gonna be kinda sad and Ironic when his game inevitably fails and has to either go free to play or go under completely.
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    Google Is Prepared For Your Death

    Except I'm the kind of person who simply forgets I ever had an account somewhere. Suddenly twelve months later all of my loved ones get word that I have passed on and it was google that breaks the news.
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    No Right Answer: Videogame That Should Be A TV Show The Most

    No. Let's keep it real. Bioshock would be on HBO and Mass effect would be some awful fox one off. I'm sure executives would know what to do with mass effect, they'd know how to advertise and merchandise it into the ground. Make a show about Andrew Ryan building Rapture from the ground up and the...