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    Check Out 12 Minutes of Narrated Dawn of War III Gameplay

    Dawn of War II largely moved beyond this, in multiplayer at least. The retreat system meant that as soon as a squad was close to dying you could hit the retreat button and they would run back to base. While retreating, units took considerably less damage from range attacks and more from melee...
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    Check Out 12 Minutes of Narrated Dawn of War III Gameplay

    I have serious reservations about the game as it is. I loved DoW back in the day but after playing DoW2 for years the idea of going back to spammy swarming army grind doesn?t interest me much as all. The fact that they are bringing ?some? of the hero focus from DoW2 over means the...
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    8 Bit Philosophy: Is Gender Real?

    I guess it depends how you define it. It wasn't until recently that it occurred to me that people define Gender and Sex as different things. Behavior doesn?t matter so much to me but ultimately you are either Male or Female on the biological level.
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    ZombiU May be Coming to Xbox One

    ZombiU was a much better game than the reception it received. I can?t see it working on any other platform though. The WiiU pad was fully integrated into the experience and made it special. If you take that out replace it with a generic interface it would remove a lot of the atmosphere.
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    Poll: Do You Write In Cursive?

    I voted no but I write by hand so infrequently that my writing is a strange bastardized amalgamation of cursive and normal that is barely legible. I will say that after years of not using it, I have a hard time reading even proper and neat cursive now.
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    How many games have you completed since January this year?

    I'm at 29 including all platforms. Taken from another site where we rank and compare. Contrast - 7.0 (January) Saints Row IV - 7.5 (January) Banner Saga - 8.0 (January) Call of Juarez: Gunslinger - 8.5 (January) FoulPlay - 6.5 (January) Broken Age Act 1 - 7.0 (January) Zelda: A Link...
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    Have you ever felt bad for winning in a competitive game?

    I generally don?t feel bad because if I see that my opponent is particular under matched I will usually try some ridiculous strategy out against them. Sometimes they win as a result but that just makes it more fun. You may want to look into games you enjoy to play, as opposed to games you...
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    Ubisoft Sees No Profit or Point in Wii U Mature Titles

    Disappointed that we likely will never see a ZombiU 2 but aside from that, there isn?t a whole lot that Ubisoft publishes that I would want on the WiiU. I don?t care for the yearly installment franchises and anything that does interest me and is multiplatform I will buy on PC .
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    Anyone else disappointed with their New Console Purchase

    I?m pretty happy with my WiiU. I have a powerful PC so haven?t seen a reason to buy either of the other two consoles yet. Possibly by next summer that will change.
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    Will gamers become disgusted with video game violence as graphics move closer to photo realism?

    To a degree, yes. Going back quite a ways now I remember playing the original Solider of Fortune and finding the damage modeling highly amusing. For those that don?t know, Soldier of Fortune was one of the first games to model damage differently based on the area of the body you hit. Shoot...
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    Civilization: Beyond Earth Gets Release Date, Pre-Order Bonus

    Really hoping this is more Alpha Centauri and less Civilization. Alpha Centauri was my first TBS game and despite playing almost all of them, I?ve never felt that any of the CIV games have come close to replicating the amount of character and unique options that AC had. I still remember...
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    New Adventure Time Game Will Take its Cues From Zelda

    It was a very respectable action platformer but very short. You could finish it easily in about 5 hours.
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    BioWare Reveals Most Used Cmdr. Shepard Names in Mass Effect

    I always name characters after me when given the option. I get more enjoyment from living in the world as I really would than playing as a character.
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    Fatal Frame V Coming Exclusively to Wii U

    It?s a different experience when you need a device in addition to your standard controller. I think Dead Rising 3 offered what you mention, but in order to use it, you had to put down your primary controller and switch to your mobile device. That takes you out of the game instead of immersing...
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    Fatal Frame V Coming Exclusively to Wii U

    You should want ALL of the companies to be competitive. I don?t much care for the Xbox lineup but that doesn?t mean I want the system to fail, that would be bad for all of the consoles. With no direct competition there would be little reason for Sony to try and produce better games or better...