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    Leaked Game of Thrones Season 5 Casting Sheet Reveals Multitude of Martells

    If only there was another source for these revelations. Like a book or something. If posting spoilers on the Escapist is suddenly ok, then I can drop some hints as to what I think season 6 might contain? Also, does the Season 5 casting list also include additional make up artists for...
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    Growing Public Apathy on Climate Change Topic Worries Scientists

    Compare how much oil you save by recycling a plastic carrier bag with how much oil you use in a day's operation of a tank. Now explain to me again how we're going to stop global warming? If you are poor, you have no power. If you don't consume and create, you have no wealth. Anyone...
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    If mutants became real, which side would you be on?

    I'm afraid the Codex is very specific about never suffering a mutant to live. Pass the flamer.
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    If you play Call of Duty you're not a real gamer

    Does running to the fridge during a commercial break make you a 'runner'? If so, then only playing one specific game makes you a 'gamer'. It all depends on what connotation you have. Different people have different connotations, so will argue on meaning. There's no official standard, so...
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    U.K. Group Calls For Female Doctor Who

    Ooops - unintended Necro - sorry.
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    Check Your Privilege!

    Yes. They are. Do you have a response to that or are you just trying to appeal to a general sense of outrage?
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    Check Your Privilege!

    "You live with 35 out of 100 points of privilege." As tests go - apart from being US centric, like 99% of people, it's worthless. Like most people too, now that I think of is. In retrospect, taking this test makes you a fucking moron.
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    Escape to the Movies: Noah - Brave, Bold, Bizarre and Kind Of Brilliant

    Anything would be better than another "Moby and the Giant Space Tree".
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    Jimquisition: Monetizing Whales For The Retention Of Virality

    I used to be an analyst working on a browser based free to play "mmo". I'll have to read this thread and make some kind of comment. Haven't watched the Jimquisition yet, but I doubt I'll disagree with much of it. But there's probably some rank stupidity lurking (or lerking if you play NS) in...
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    Games Workshop is Dead! Long Live Games Workshop!

    If you look at recent board appointees, it appears that Mr Kirby may well intend to sell off GW to Hasbro or similar.
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    Games Workshop is Dead! Long Live Games Workshop!

    As soon as I saw the words Necron and College together, I realised I was dealing with a new*** (j/k). As a giant neckbeard, I can only shake my head. It's your generation that paid the prices. When I decided to get back into it, I went via ebay. You can't really cry about people charging...
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    Jimquisition: Super Ethical Vlogging Climax

    Also, this thread will not be complete until I see Mr Sterling licking Wii.
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    Jimquisition: Super Ethical Vlogging Climax

    I used to work for a gaming publisher who will remain nameless. We 'bought' reviews all the time. Not with cash payments or anything so crass as that, but with exclusives, exclusive footage and press junkets/activity days and such forth. Again, I can't mention any names so as not to be...
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    Pope Francis Describes Internet as "A Gift From God"

    I really wish I could post something here, but given the bans I've seen being handed out over the last few days, I can only assume that the boards are becoming Disney compliant. Catholic church, internet, distribution of images featuring unwilling subjects. Please feel free to connect the dots.
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    Hitting... Women

    However a thorough spanking can be situationally appropriate, with consent. ;)