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    Trailers: Shogun 2 Battle Trailer 4

    I wonder if Sun Tzu would have been good at TW games I do like the look of the map though. Unfortunately I won't have the hardware to enjoy this game most likely.
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    How important do you consider sex?

    pretty important in the context of a relationship, because it offers an opportunity to share intimate private moments of mutual joy with another human being (when you're doing it right) Intimacy is key to forming a relationship. I'm not saying a relationship cannot work without sex, you can...
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    Poll: Pastafarianism

    on a parallel topic: why can't people be multi-religious can one believe in multiple religions at once? even if it is some sort of logical fallacy (Orwellian double thought anyone?)
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    Why do people hate JRPGs?

    the style of the ones I've come across are supper sappy drama queeny... I can't be asked to empathize with these ludicrous characters.. I like One Piece, because it doesn't really take itself seriously I like Death Note cause it has deep characters
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    "The Old Republic will be the biggest failure in MMO history," says EA developer

    I'm surprised he's even allowed to talk about it.. :/
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    Gene Simmons Declares War on Anonymous

    wow Gene, I dig some of your tunes.. but your attitude against those less fortunate than you is lame.. I'll be cheering for the swarm in this one
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    Your "joystick" can now actually be a joystick!

    more importantly: will we be seeing multiplayer support?
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    i'm making a zombie game any ideas for names?

    "Dead men tell some tales"
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    Unskippable: Deadly Premonition: Part 2

    "what is the purpose of this exercise?" pure gold XD
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    Wtf, Nintendo. Seriously, Wtf.

    I don't... know... what to feel...
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    Poll: do animals feel love?

    all living organisms benefit from affectionate treatment mammals are the only ones that I know that seem to feel emotions and display them, usually cause it seems their brains are a bit more complex in the emotions department. this was probably evolutionary, since they had to take care of...
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    Poll: Is It Ok To Eat Animals Considered Pets? (Please Read The Post First lol)

    so like.. your scenario on a planetary level would be: some advanced race of aliens teraform planets and make it such that the essential building blocks to life and evolution are there.. all these planets begin to evolve and grow.. into something edible.. and eventually.. millions of years...
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    Poll: How Many of You Actually Play Sports?

    football.. the European type.. you know... they type that keeps the ball.. near your foot.. as in football :P
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    Poll: First Kisses

    my first kiss was a confusing one. partially because I was feeling bad for her bf, and was feeling like I was betraying some unwritten universal bro code. but the girl sure could kiss (I used to be anti-piercings, but after I experienced a tongue piercing kiss.. mmm.. girls can do whatever...
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    Video game moments that made you LAUGH!

    Banjo Kazooie moments were great Those writers truly did a great job for a nice cartoonish family friendly game. I played this with my little bro, and it was so epic. And the same applies to DK64 90s were good to the Nintendo family