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    LoadingReadyRun: MEN

    If it were commercial free I'd watch it
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    New Starbucks Size Larger Than Average Capacity of Human Stomach

    whats the point of restricting people from buying coffee in the trenta size.. If they are a paying customer they should be able to buy whatever they want
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    Poll: Futurama vs Family Guy?

    AHH so did I.. i wanted to vote futurama ahhhh
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    APB Reloaded Closed Beta Sign-Ups Now Being Taken

    I'm really happy to hear they are trying to give you back your old character! I spent a good amount of time customizing him and I don't think I'd be able to recreate him again.
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    Harmonix Buys Itself From Viacom

    yes viacom is evil
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    Unlikely last words

    "Hold my beer, I'm gonna try to make this jump"
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    Escapist News Network: ENN Awards 2010

    you should make a video.. the best best of 2010 videos
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    Does America have round-abouts?

    my town installed one.. and its stupid as F**K .. just do a 4 way intersection with lights..
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    Poll: Proud to be British

    I can never understand ethnic or national pride; cuz to me, pride should be reserved for something you achieve or attain on your own, not something that happens by accident at birth. Being Irish isn't a skill... it's a ----ing genetic accident! You wouldn't say 'I'm proud to be 5'11'', I'm proud...
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    Survey: Americans Use the Internet More Than They Watch TV

    My computer monitor is a 32" TV.. does that mean I watch tv equal amounts of time as I'm on the internet?
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    Minecraft Shifting to Beta With Price Hike

    i think by the time it gets to 20 euro, everyone who would have bought the game will have already purchased it
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    Poll: This is why I don't like World of Warcraft:

    i used to love wow but then i realized all raiding was is pressing 1,1,1,1,1,1,1 (i used castsequence macros) and i grew to hate raiding and i always sucked at pvp so there was nothing for me to do
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    UK Police Arrest Teen Over Call of Duty Hacking

    i wouldn't call a dos a hack or a cheat.. thats just forcing your opponents offline so your left with the lower skilled opposition
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    Survey: Videogames and Violence (for a class)

    1. Age: 20 2. Gender: Male 3. How often do you play videogames? Daily 4. What genres? All? 5. Have games ever made you angry when playing them? (ex. Rage quit, swearing) yes 6. Have games ever made you physically violent when playing them? (ex. harming the controller) yes 7. Have...
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    U.S. Government Plans to Expand Internet Piracy Crackdown

    how long till we have a corporation buying congress to take down a site that the corporation doesnt like