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    XCOM: Enemy Within Trailer Unleashes the War Machines

    this no touch my X-Com. this bad expansion pack -Must rush or have your units destroyed by waves of enemies (maps have a time limit now, then waves of tougher enemies start rushing you). -still does not let you have second sky ranger. -does not increase the amount of units/ troops -Must...
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    BioWare Artist Reveals Early Mass Effect, Dragon Age Art and Ideas

    me thinks this is for after everything went boom and we're seeing what x amount of years after, still in the rebuilding process, is
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    Gearbox Announces HD Remakes of Homeworld 1 And 2

    I don't know whether to scream with glee or horror O.o
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    SimCity Expansion Could Add Offline Mode

    too little, too late....
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    Mechwarrior Online Goes 1.0 in September

    ^this is the main reason why I quit playing...that and the LRM missile-o-rama
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    Jimquisition: PS4 - Doing Nothing, Meaning Everything

    a simple song for the Xbone
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    Destiny Trailer Lays Down the Law of the Jungle

    okay, that's it. I'm sold, now take my f**king money
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    DICE LA Open For Star Wars Business

    I don't see this ending well -.-
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    Silicon Knights Still Breathes, Dyack Has Left The Building

    Once you got past the horribad controls, Too Human was a quirky little gem of a game. if a sequal ever gets made, one thing I wish for is to get rid of that horribad control scheme.
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    Fuse Hands-On Preview: It's Raining Lead

    *raises hand* I do
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    Miracle of Sound: Miracle of Goats

    this is what happens when you combine boredom, being drunk, and having musical talent >.>
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    BioWare Teases New Mass Effect 3 DLC

    Question: have you have gone or done a class in which you look at character development, story progession, character archtypes, story pacing, Direct and Indirect action of characters? also exposition is not correct word your looking for. definition of Exposition (used from...
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    Movie Defense Force: Waterworld

    I always looked at Waterworld the same as the Madd Max films, just a good movie to watch, have fun and enjoy.
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    BioWare Teases New Mass Effect 3 DLC

    ME 3 better then ME 2? O.o dear god, I hope your just trolling
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    Fan Reaction Surprises Fallout Voice Actor

    lol at fans digging too deep. When, We, the fans get a whiff of something we want, We WILL MOVE MOUNTAINS to find what we're looking for xD.