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    Latest No Man's Sky Trailer Shows More Planetary Diversity

    The universe is too big in this game, you probably won't ever find another player and if you do it is a miracle. Even if you knew where your friend was it would take an extremely long time to get there
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    World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Gets Release Date

    You're actually right, and the Hellscream short story confirms it. I am pretty sure thats not what they said before, and they actually changed this little detail.
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    World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Gets Release Date

    He does not. It is the same past, but after preventing the blood drinking, a new timeline is created. It does not exist prior to Garrosh's intervention. And then they hijack our portal from their timeline.
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    World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Gets Release Date

    Actually, he just goes back to the past. Preventing the drinking of Mannoroth's blood is what creates the new timeline. Nitpicking, I know.
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    Sony Releases New Trailer for Ratchet and Clank Movie, Announces PS4 "Reimagining" of First Game

    I hope this reimagining isn't made just because they needed a game to sell alongside the movie. It should be because they want to make it, and only Insomniac should be the ones to do so. I also hope they don't screw up the story too much. I don't remember him wanting to be some kind of...
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    World of Warcraft's Night Elf Gets a Face-lift For Warlords of Dreanor

    Loving the new models, but they can't take too many liberties with musculature and such, since they are super careful not to deviate too much from the original models people have played for years. Which is both good and bad in some ways, I feel.
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    Telltale's "The Wolf Among Us" thread

    I am quite sure that either they are trying to mess with us, or Telltale put him there because they want us to notice. Either way, I'm super-psyched for Episode 2 now! It is named Smoke and Mirrors, which could imply a lot of magic, illusion and mind-fuckery. If this episode 2 is as balls-out as...
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    Telltale's "The Wolf Among Us" thread

    I loved it. Probably more than TWD. The setting is way more unique for me. And if they kill Toad or his kid, I am going to be severely depressed. Anyway my prime suspect: (Possibly major, major spoilers)
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    GTA V: Too Violent?

    After that scene, in the car, Trevor himself says to the tortured man that torture in itself is bullshit and useless, and exists for the torturer, not the torturee. The torturee says that he would have told them everything. Trevor responds that of course he would have, and that's the point. They...
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    Colin Farrell May Star in Warcraft Movie

    Colin Farrell is a good actor, In Bruges comes to mind. That's a really good movie, although far from high fantasy. But considering his accent, I think he could make a great dwarf.
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    It wasn't THAT bad!

    The Simpsons Skateboarding is my favourite skating game. It is also the only one I have played. Reviews aren't happy about it though.
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    Help me choose among these PS2 games (edited)

    Vexx is really underrated. It is sort of like Mario 64 with levels and a hub and stuff you have to collect to unlock new ones. The world is cool and unique, and at the same time dark and bleak in a way. You should at least give it a look. It's not like Ratchet at all unless you count platforming...
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    Witcher Dev Opening Second Studio for "Smaller" Games

    Because CoD doesn't have Spec Ops, Zombies and Multiplayer modes.
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    An Honest Question about Sharing

    PS4 sharing is a possible amazing feature, since it is possible for friends to join your game in different ways, or even take over the controller for you remotely if you are having a hard time. Or imagine playing a game and suddenly a boss spawns, your friend is watching you play, and he can now...
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    Microsoft: $499 Xbox One Will "Over-Deliver" on Value

    Get 10 friends, buy 2 games each. Voila! All of you now have a collection of 20 games (although with certain restrictions). There is value to the machine, why the fuck are they not mentioning where that is?