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    Roger The Kangaroo Cut From Tekken 7 Due to Animal Activist Fears

    Why is it only the west needs to put up with shit like this? The Japanese simply don't care. I hope PC culture will go away in the future, maybe it is nostalgia but I miss 90's gaming, movies and music may have been shit during the 90's but games were fun with no politics.
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    Zero Punctuation: Ghost Recon Wildlands

    I still find the game fun, on single player and mostly co-op. It really reminds me of the old ps2 franchise Mercenaries mixed with Just Cause. But he is absolutely right the game has a lot of grind, it is however right up my ally when it comes to mindless entertainment.
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    Sponsored PokeStops Will Be Coming to Pokemon Go

    If Niantec play their cards right this will be a gold mine for them, this has already become a cultural phenomenon in 1 week!
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    Pokemon GO Team Pauses International Rollout Due to Server Issues

    They better get those issues fixed, they may just have found a true honey pot of ARG games. If they manage to get enough hooked, and gradually introduce micro transactions this could be a gold mine! My GF is out there right now hunting down Pokemon and she is a complete non-gamer, but the...
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    Star Trek - Bridge Crew VR Game Announced

    Who the hell is Gordi? This is interesting, hopefully they took some ideas from the old game Bridge Commander when they made this.
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    Poll: Would you buy Hugh Hefner mansion if you were a billionare?

    At first sexy parties sound good, but then there is all the fluids associated to said sexy parties. Usually no homeowner can know just how much spunk has been spread when you buy a home, this is not the case if someone was going to purchase that place. I'd honestly rather get my own albeit...
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    New Star Trek Series Boldly Goes Into Production

    Alex Kurtzman! capable hands!? that is ridiculous the guy is a hack, looking over his writing history and I just shudder. I will probably check the series out when it comes out, but my expectations are so very, very low.
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    SpaceX's Falcon Rocket Explodes Catastrophically En Route to ISS

    3 strikes and out? Damn I wish I remembered who I had an argument with in regards to space x lack of ability after the second failure.
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    If you could do it all again

    Oh god so many years to pick from, I guess the most crucial would be a reboot to January or August 2011. My life right now is slowly getting a bit better, but man I could have saved myself a huge amount of trouble, pain and shame if I got a second chance to turn back time to those dates...
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    Hearthstone Player's Dad Makes Him Pick College or Game Tournament

    Hate to bring this up, but it really depends what kind of degree you got, most NatSci and engineering graduates are guaranteed employment.
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    Hearthstone Player's Dad Makes Him Pick College or Game Tournament

    So basically his parents want him to focus on the education they are paying for him, seems reasonable, also we have not idea how gaming professionally has affected his studies. You don't just get to participate at tournaments as some random gamer, fact is it takes a huge amount of time to be a...
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    Poll: Jedi or Sith Philosophy: Who is right?

    Red has also been thoroughly proved to be faster!
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    Valve Ends Steam's Controversial Paid Mod Program

    I am glad they did this, but I hope that we do find some way to compensate mod authors in a more fair way.
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    Money for Mods: Valve Announces Paid Skyrim Mods

    Problem is some modders have already switched "sides" And either made their nexus stuff unavailable or made updates exclusive to the steam workshop. Hell the guy who made midas magic even put two versions of his mod, a paid gold version and a free version with pop up ads. If this becomes the...
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    Money for Mods: Valve Announces Paid Skyrim Mods

    It has been said elsewhere, but the main danger about all this is in regards to the next games. So many games that get modded have a research phase where everyone is mining the game for information and sharing it with each other. I think monetization is going to take all the incentive from...